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Bee Hiving

We love bees! But who knew? None of us until the day the bees began to make themselves known to us. It all began with the water dripping onto the very large Elephant Ears…which are growing here because of the money my Dad gave me when he passed.

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 9:17 AM Elliot Weld wrote:

Hi Nada,

This is Elliot Weld. I’m a reporter at the Free Press. So I hear you found some bees in your attic was it? And you’re going to have them put in a hive.

Very cool. It would make a good little story for the news. Are they already in the hive? Or is the apiary going to put them in one at some point?

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 11:24 AM Nada Khalaf-Jones wrote:

Hi Elliot,

They r still in the attic. Buzzing away. We have no confirmed the apiary. And we need to get a sturdy hive for them. We r all over the idea. We have this landscaping, v basic, my late Dad gave me money and it is all growing out of the ground. He would have been sooooo stoked to have bees in a hive all here because we used the money he shared to plant so much vegetation. And my Mom would have loved this too.

So.Whatever happens. We will be doing this.
I will let u know as soon as I have an answer!!!Feel free to come see. They r v quiet bees right now!!

Let me know, thanks, Elliot

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Pale Blue Wedding Cake & DIY Cake Stand

Pale Blue Wedding Cake

The bride was a handy woman. She put together – with hammer, nail and screws, a small wood palette and painted it in pale blue and white.

Stenciled ‘love’ on the edges in alternate colors. Then added the 3 tier white, blue, white cake. With the ‘sea stars’ as a finish.

Economical – Wedding Cake $75 – pale blue and white vanilla cream 3 tier cake by @maggies_bakery_keylargo

DIY Pale Blue and White Palette Cake Stand

Simple – Blue and white hand made wood palette. Small. Stencil ‘love’ Bride sold the palette to the resort for $100.

Satisfying – Pick your own colors. Style your own wedding. Enjoy a little profit. Wedding day can be profitable too!

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Florida Keys Photography & Film

Florida Keys Photography & Film

The Most Beautiful Places For Florida Keys Photography & Film

1. Iconic Largo Resort is tucked away on the edge of the world.

if you told me I’d only shoot photo and film here until the day my hands can no longer hold a camera I’d tell you that is just 100% fine. thanks. because this is a heavenly spot.

Florida Keys Photography & Film

These are not all secrets. Nor are they necessarily public. But most importantly they are my faves, and I live here. They are my faves because the best things have happened here. For so many people. Weddings, engagements, coming of ages and turning 21’s and family cuddles.

And now you know someone who knows the most Beautiful Places For Florida Keys Photography & Film. Don’t worry the list is always growing.

So let’s take a trip down the Overseas Scenic Highway, an All American Road and see one of the reasons this US1 merits those names. Could be on account of all those bridges over all that azure blue water on each side.

Atlantic Ocean or Florida Bay & Gulf of Mexico…it is really pretty.

2. Miraculous Snake Creek Bridge

One of my favourite places to shoot photographs, seriously, is a bridge. Right in the middle. If you want boats. Ocean views. Kite surfers. A bridge opening and closing.

The best place is 20 feet to the south side of the crack of Snake Creek bridge. The mile marker … and Lat Long…. Snake Creek Bridge is in Islamorada.

You can see the US Coast Guard Station looking to the bay side and the open azure glistening ocean over the other. And the beauty of this spot is it’s right next to the bridge guard…the person that raises the bridge when a boat that’s too big goes under from Ocean to Bay or vice versa.

If, like me, you want premium boating and Keys life style film and photography, those amazing and beautiful birds, jet skiis, and boats in motion, you want to fly your drone to capture them?

This is the BEST spot. Only downside it’s on the side of US1. YEP! Standing just north of the incline to Snake Creek bridge there is a lay-by. Where a car can pull off and sit out of traffic. The bridge opens on the hour, every hour, it is a perfect spot to be there ahead of time and shoot time-lapse. That would be my suggestion.

3. Simple Wonderful Rowell’s Marina.

Florida Keys Photography & Film
Rowell’s Marina – A Perfect Portrait Backdrop
Sunset – And 30 Minutes After
Key Largo Public Parks

4. John Pennekamp State Park

All of it, but also, actually the road leading to it outside, adjacent to US1’s scenic overseas highway, that All American Road, that one……actually, the walking pathway that leads right past it’s front door and the Tamarind Trail. Two of my very favourite spots on earth.

5. Key Haven Key

My newest most favourite place in the Florida Keys is Key Haven. No pale in particular here, just grab the camera, the sd cards and head down towards Key West, stopping to look at some of the most gorgeous neighbourhoods in the Florida Keys.