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This drone, wedding, portrait and real estate photographer regularly travels globally. But since staying in has become the new thing NKJ has made the very most out of it.

Her photography and film work has been heartily loved by generations of high school seniors, families, real estate investors, brides and grooms and businesses since 2006.

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Be filmed doing it because it’s quite natural – your photo shoot is the best social shareable

Film helps capture the true action in this beautiful tropical paradise – we know you are on a budget. So – if you choose to add film we’ll include it for a super low rate.


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Photography captures your moment. Include film for the perfect story.

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We’ll film it on the big cameras or set up your smart phone to do it.

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PHOTO YOU GET plenty of beautifully composed colour balanced photographs – hundreds depending on session duration. Essential edits included.

PHOTO WE DELIVER your digital link in 7 days or less. You get a 10 year digital gallery. YES! You can download all of them to keep. And print as many non commercial prints as much as you like.

FILM YOU GET digital film link to play. Download link from vimeo to share you can tiktok, instagram, Pinterest or snapchat post without delay. Use tagline ‘Wow what a fun session with NKJ!’

PHOTO YOU GET plenty of beautifully composed color balanced photographs – hundreds depending on session duration.

PHOTO WE DELIVER prints in 7 days or less and your 10 year digital gallery. YES! You can download all of them to keep. And print as many non commercial prints as much as you like.

  • From Key Largo Photographer NKJ: Booking any type of Photography by NKJ is sure to result in exceptional, Florida Keys iconic images. And she shoots film – constantly.

FILM YOU GET – a ‘day of’ short edited few minute film. We add simple straightening and one liner title. Ready so you can post without delay. ‘Look at my recent session w NKJ!’

  • Optional Film included – book photography? We’ll film it on the big cameras or set up your smart phone to do it. Just for fun, and for social shares of course.

HAIR & MAKE UP – we bring in the talent if you want to book ahead.

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Check our previous creative work – like these senior photography, wedding photographs, seasonal photos, the cute puppy film, and the senior photos below.

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This London born Mom of four runs her small family owned photography and film and drone business from her home base in the Florida Keys. Actually ‘The first Key in Paradise – Key Largo’

variety is the spice of life – these portraits – are filled with incredibly detailed stories

‘when home is as far as we can go we make the most of it’

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Florida Keys Photography & Film

The Most Beautiful Places For Florida Keys Photography & Film

1. Iconic Largo Resort is tucked away on the edge of the world.

if you told me I’d only shoot photo and film here until the day my hands can no longer hold a camera I’d tell you that is just 100% fine. thanks. because this is a heavenly spot.

Florida Keys Photography & Film

These are not all secrets. Nor are they necessarily public. But most importantly they are my faves, and I live here. They are my faves because the best things have happened here. For so many people. Weddings, engagements, coming of ages and turning 21’s and family cuddles.

And now you know someone who knows the most Beautiful Places For Florida Keys Photography & Film. Don’t worry the list is always growing.

So let’s take a trip down the Overseas Scenic Highway, an All American Road and see one of the reasons this US1 merits those names. Could be on account of all those bridges over all that azure blue water on each side.

Atlantic Ocean or Florida Bay & Gulf of Mexico…it is really pretty.

2. Miraculous Snake Creek Bridge

One of my favourite places to shoot photographs, seriously, is a bridge. Right in the middle. If you want boats. Ocean views. Kite surfers. A bridge opening and closing.

The best place is 20 feet to the south side of the crack of Snake Creek bridge. The mile marker … and Lat Long…. Snake Creek Bridge is in Islamorada.

You can see the US Coast Guard Station looking to the bay side and the open azure glistening ocean over the other. And the beauty of this spot is it’s right next to the bridge guard…the person that raises the bridge when a boat that’s too big goes under from Ocean to Bay or vice versa.

If, like me, you want premium boating and Keys life style film and photography, those amazing and beautiful birds, jet skiis, and boats in motion, you want to fly your drone to capture them?

This is the BEST spot. Only downside it’s on the side of US1. YEP! Standing just north of the incline to Snake Creek bridge there is a lay-by. Where a car can pull off and sit out of traffic. The bridge opens on the hour, every hour, it is a perfect spot to be there ahead of time and shoot time-lapse. That would be my suggestion.

3. Simple Wonderful Rowell’s Marina.

Florida Keys Photography & Film
Rowell’s Marina – A Perfect Portrait Backdrop
Sunset – And 30 Minutes After
Key Largo Public Parks

4. John Pennekamp State Park

All of it, but also, actually the road leading to it outside, adjacent to US1’s scenic overseas highway, that All American Road, that one……actually, the walking pathway that leads right past it’s front door and the Tamarind Trail. Two of my very favourite spots on earth.

5. Key Haven Key

My newest most favourite place in the Florida Keys is Key Haven. No pale in particular here, just grab the camera, the sd cards and head down towards Key West, stopping to look at some of the most gorgeous neighbourhoods in the Florida Keys.

Florida Keys Photographer In Love With Family Photography

Capturing Moments That Really Matter

In Love With Family Photography

Whether it is a loving family photography session for you and the family at Bayside Inn in Key Largo, that you seek or the fact that as a mother of four and professional photographer I am actually truly loving family photography sessions this fall. Well either way. Loving is the verb and the adjective. Someone with a PhD in language please weigh in here!

Florida Keys Photography Skills – Never Stop Creating

The Key Largo Chamber of Commerce are an amazing resource for me. And all their members are lucky to have the advantage of their email blasts and other marketing that is included with membership. The seasonal family photo sessions below are ALL a result of the work of the Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce’s email blasts.

Every call I received has been in response the their marketing. So. Massive Thanks. Proud to support local business and the community. And I recommend sending them your marketing dollars this year. Instead of your out of town options.

Nothing works better than local business networking. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads. Save it. Invest in the local chamber of commerce and other business network organizations. It works like word of mouth used to before covid.

My Photography Why’s


Florida Keys Photographers – A Comment from Key Largo.

The pandemic shrank all our lives to a few square feet. Lucky we could still walk dogs and go to the store. Not everywhere was so free. Other countries, the stories from the world wide social media and news….backed up by what we heard over the phone from people in Europe, India, Thailand.

Florida Keys Photographers – Staying Close To Home

Individual stories are incredibly hard to hear. Especially the ones that were describing getting stuck with no help, stuck far from home, no way to get back, not being allowed out at all to get food for the family, or necessary drugs. Loneliness. And no income. And slipping down into no hope. How did you cope? I stayed busy, insanely.

Climbing back out of that!! It has been a very challenging journey. For us all! I, personally maintained my emotional balance & survived by hugging the kids more, walking the dogs three times a day! Reading non stop. Staying away from negative stories and people. Avoiding anything but life threatening arguments. And polishing my film making and photographic skills. I have a few people to really thank for that!

Family, Wedding, Drone Photography Sessions.

Bayside Inn, Key Largo, Family Photography Sessions

Florida Keys Photographers – Not Just Practice, I Love The Competition.

I’ve seen and worked with some of these dreamy talents below. This group of talented photographing ladies are the not all based here but all work as Florida Keys Photographers on occasion. These are the ones I follow religiously. And love their stories the most. Their vibe, demeanor and general overall character are my faves. Their work has influenced me with a variety of soft hues and sharp focus and every kind of edit in between. Always professionally creative!

I have enjoyed you all ladies. In particular you kept me up and challenged during these last 12 months. Bravo! Do, please, continue being admirable.

Poirier Wedding Photography

Ania Burre Photography

Conch Republic Photography

Mariela Care Photography

Claudia Rios Photography

Yolanda Hill Photography

Epic Drone Video

When a family embarks upon a journey like the journey this one has, it’s inevitable those around them, particularly their visual story teller, will comprehend their feelings – it’s impossible to avoid the earnest love they fee for their childhood home!

And almost brings me to tears. Hence the cinematic music! And the drama of true love for this place. That is so much more than a place.

One does not lightly let go of such a valuable and coveted 9 acre ocean front estate.

Filming here – I smiled the entire time, brought back memories for me of the day I learned our English country mansion, nestled in the depths of Surrey’s National Trust Forests, was being put on the market.

I was devastated. I left my Red Sea Scuba Schools scuba diving work, a successful career in PADI’s world wide career scuba network, and flew back to confront the parents whose divorce prompted the sale!

Letting go of ones home, especially such a beautiful one, is as much of an upheaval as anything I have ever experienced. It’s still a space in which we mourn it’s loss, for my siblings and I, to this day!

Whoever purchases the Roebling property, whether 3 or 6 acre (sold as two separate lots) or the 9 acre complete parcel.

Commercially zoned, or otherwise, they will surely embark on such a journey!

It is absolutely magical, green, dreamy and inspiring, just running through trees, along or approaching from the sunrise speeding across the waves into the lagoon. Or walking out to the islands, across the flats at low tide! Or watching the hawks and gulls play and hunt!

Adventure movies could be made here! Epic!