happy photographer smiles while she makes video

Being a happy photographer means you’ve balanced work that generates payment with work you love to make. Means you make photographs because you love the work, and you have the creativity and energy to continue learning a little each time. And sharing. And bringing love into people’s lives. (and I can shoot photo even when a migraine is in full swing…something about being behind the lens…it’s magical healing powers)

Proposals Of Marriage Are A Serious Business

Engagements and Proposals for marriage are a tentative and nerve wrecking time for the one proposing and the one being proposed to.
Nerves Are Expected When Proposing – so don’t be surprised if your heart beat increases and your pupils dilate! It’s an age old formula that is meant to be the way it is!

9 Blogging Years Later

“You registered on WordPress.com 9 years ago.” Happy 9th WordPress.com Birthday Here is a run on sentence Discovering yourself through reverse planning – or structured chaos – following the inner voice guided by the outward stimuli – and finding yourself right where you need to be – it’s not a skill – it’s not even …

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aerial photography and drone video marketing

New Real Estate Website Launch – Buzzing

Published – Can’t Help Buzzing – Life Style Footage Complete Cant help being excited. Star Properties Real Estate will launch their new website on Tuesday morning. We were commissioned to make the website header film. It’s hard to make the Florida Keys look bad, we live in this island paradise. But where do you start …

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Skybornvisual Studio

Florida Keys Professional Photography were asked to shoot both on location and on the day of the show for this Dance Journey of a life time. Phoenix Rising was a tribute to a young man. The choreography based on his memory, each song and artist relate somehow to his life. Dance Journey presented Phoenix Rising …

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sky born visual team

content marketing, wedding photo, instagram film Welcome to the Sky Born Visual Team. We are experts in content marketing, wedding photo, instagram film. We are Sky Born Visual! 4k high definition ocean, air, earth film and photo, writing and seo. Predictably a Florida Keys lifestyle involves extensive amounts of outside. Surrounded by an abundance of ocean, air, …

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Florida Keys Ocean Teens

Florida Keys Ocean Teens Story Film – $599  Ocean, Air, Earth Blended Adventure Film & Photography DM me here info@skybornvisual.com check out the PADI website for our career story and look at the vimeo.com/skybornvisual channel for all the film and skybornvisual.com/florida-keys-aerial-photography for all the aerial pictures PROFESSIONAL STORY TELLER, SCUBA GUIDE, FREE DIVER, LICENSED DRONE …

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Florida Keys Housewife at Casa Morada

Veni Vidi Vici –  Fluffy the Moray Eel Very Zen adventure of the Florida Keys Housewife at Casa Morada. We came we saw we conquered. The big blue ocean and bay as always our inspiration with the ever trusted GoPro cameras. Our focus during this husband and wife staycation was to film an underwater adventure …

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Wedding Chicks, Tacari Weddings, Zola

This month our work is featured on Wedding Chicks, Tacari Weddings and Zola. How the heck does a woman who is ‘Just a Florida Keys Housewife,’ @floridakeyshousewife get here? Ambitious women who push you to become something you don’t expect of yourself. And a very loving husband. In 2016 my freelance journalism wound down with …

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