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Key West Sunset Thunder Cloud

Gimbal Footage

A gimbal is a pivoted support that allows rotation on a single axis. When two gimbals are employed, one mounted within the other like a gyroscope, a supported object can remain immobile, unaffected by any motion around it.

The gimbal was used on board ships as a early as the 17th century, allowing items like lamps or stoves to remain safely upright regardless of the rolling and pitching of the vessel. Today gimbals are used to mount everything from cameras to rocket engines. (Source: Key West Shipwreck Treasures Museum )

Modern day gimbals are automated for smooth cinematographic effect. The Feiyu Tech G4 with an iPhone 6 Plus S delivers some nice smooth ocean air earth footage.

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Sunrise Drone Ocean Horizon Key Largo

Sunrise Drone Ocean Horizon: John Pennekamp State Park. Fighting Conch Production team’s Flight #3. Dream of an act. Plan it. Do it!

Phantom 4 Drone Aerial Video footage over Key Largo as the sun rises.

“Woke up at 2am. Checked the wind. Woke up at 3am. Was that rain? Woke up at 4am. Is that thunder?”
5am drone on the prowl over John Pennekamp State Park, in the tropical Florida Keys. It’s best flying early. No mosquito plane. We have a plane that flies at tree top height and routinely drops chemicals on mosquitos to kill them. Mid air collisions are to be avoided. Birds give it the wing and fly away, apparently hawks like to attack. In Europe they are being trained to down drones in protected areas: over prisons, airfields, power plants, military bases.

Florida Keys Adventure

Florida Keys Frog Savers

My sweet girls found him in the kitchen sink. Cold. Shivering. Warmed him in my hands. Set him back in his tree. Watched him come back to life! #flkeys #thekeys warmed up quickly to 87F. Life caught on iphone! Original content @fightingconch #lovelyworldadv (sweet frog saving girls not for hire)

#savethefrog #fightingconch #lovelyworldadventure #flkeys #thekeys #keylargo #johnpennekampstatepark