Are You Sitting (flying, landing or just hanging) Comfortably?


Beach coffee? Now we are planning a staycation with the kids and dogs! After we happily stumbled upon Bakers Cay Resort in Key Largo. Coffee up high on the beach overlooking the hardwood and Mahogany Hammock our view was treetops, then bay blue water, beach, boats and birds. Only a quick visit for us locals, but wow doesn’t begin to describe the new decor, we met the designers, and the general manager, it was an accidental moment in time. But the welcome we got for our morning coffee was as memorable as this place. Dry Rocks bar will definitely receive a return visit.

Depth of Field?

Tough crowd! Not! The USAF Thunderbird’s were super on point with cooperative poses. They were ready for the ‘bro’ pose and the straight line up too. This one was taken with the G 18-105mm lens with Sony Flash. No tripod! I was asked last minute. So no time for lighting. Lenses. Tripods. But it gets the point across!

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