Once a month I plan an evil ocean view photography shoot and make my way to Harry Harris Park – in Tavernier, 33070 Florida – it’s a quiet (during the weekdays) large public park on the ocean.

Harry Harris is the only oceanfront park we have in the Upper Keys with an actual ocean horizon view. Ocean view photography is the best here – there are plenty of perches for the camera and I love to make film snippets also perfect here because of the dock. You can slide the camera on an even surface.

First time I went, I took my Sony Alpha 7rii with an evil plan to make stunning ocean view photography happen from the dock. With great success. The seagulls performed admirably for me.

That time it was a dark overcast cumulus nimbus kind of morning – with sun making the clouds look like mountains. And the seagulls hopping from dock piling to airborn right in front of my lens.

Today – the 2nd day of the last month of the last decade in 2019 – the sun was sharp and shining for all it was worth. But the seagulls were AWOL for the most part.

Distant clouds – blue sky – must have rained during the night – the dock was wet. Never realized how dirty my sensor is – got to clean that!

shot at f22 – aperture priority
Nada Khalaf-Jones

Nada Khalaf-Jones

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Back in the year 2015, Nada Khalaf-Jones founded Sky Born Visual under her other venture Lovely World Adventure. Nada was a journalist for quite a long time, thus her years of involvement in environmental studies, writing and all types of media. She did a lot of science journalism, allowing her to live in several countries. Her life is full of thrilling experiences, as she was also a scuba instructor for several years. Enthralled by the thrill of adventure, she enjoys going on exciting escapades and sharing them with other people.

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