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Nada Khalaf-Jones makes photography and film in the Florida Keys to tell your story. She is a mother of four and runs the business from home base in Key Largo.

“I ventured south to make this Sombrero Beach drone film on a whim. But with purpose. A wedding will happen right on this beach! In a few weeks.” She says.

How to make amazing stories? Discipline and creativity! Determination and fearlessness! Start with talented film and photo production.

Being technically skilled and prepared is 80% of my recipe for success. Having a creative eye and building story and telling it is the other 20%!

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See The Sombrero Beach Story in Visit Florida

Article Taken from Visit Florida – By Jodi Mailander Farrell

One of the best-kept beach secrets in the Florida Keys, Sombrero Beach on Marathon Key is a cozy backyard playground for islanders.

The Keys is most acclaimed for its bars, sunsets and sea adventures, so mangrove-free Sombrero Beach is a lucky find. With its soft sand and turquoise waters, the Middle Keys gem serves locals and in-the-know visitors.

Turn off U.S. 1 toward the Atlantic Ocean side at Mile Marker 50 and wind along Sombrero Beach Road past homes on stilts and Marathon High School to find the serene, manmade retreat favored by young families, Miami women on girls-only getaways, and savvy travelers.

“Wow, what a cute beach!” said Jennifer Jones Kruse, who flew into Fort Lauderdale from Houston and drove 2½ hours with two teenagers for a stay in the heart of the Florida Keys.

“This is a nice little set-up, and it’s easy to get to.”

Jan and Annika Svensson’s two children, ages 11 and 13, ran straight into the ocean as the family from Sweden concluded a coastal road trip from New York at Sombrero Beach.

“It’s beautiful, it’s clean, it has a great view,” Annika Svensson said. “We heard only locals know about it so we had to check it out. I love seeing the sailing boats go by.”

Along with free, adjacent parking, the beach has other perks, including handicap access on a wide, flat path, a picnic pavilion, children’s playground, volleyball court, restrooms and showers. Dogs on leashes are allowed.

The sandy strip is a perfect perch for sunning, snorkeling in the gentle surf and fishing in the shallow water during the park’s hours between 7:30 a.m. and dusk.

Sombrero Beach Drone Film & Photo by Nada Khalaf-Jones Photo Film Drone

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Florida Keys Wedding Photography, Playa Largo Resort

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We offer the option for guests who want to film to use our tripod and phone mount.

$125 to rent the kit – includes the tripod, standard sized smart phone mount which can be angled – a shade. Set to 4K60FPS. Most are stabilized so shake is reduced.

Why? Well that way your guests can relax and enjoy while the phone does the work.

$275 to rent the GoPro & SD Card kit – includes the tripod, the mount which can be angled – a shade and a 32GB SD Card you take with you. Set to 4K60FPS or slower motion like 120FPS

Why? Well that way your guests can capture you in GoPro’s super sharp and ultra wide angle look! They are uber stabilized too! Shake is minimal.

Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce

Join the Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce – Nada Jones shares an enduring local love for her fellow local small business successes. See Films & Photos From the last 3 years. Below.

They are a warm and welcoming group of professionals who collect willing businesses together in the spirit of commerce and human ingenuity. We love the networking their business magazine provides. “Destination Key Largo’ has been a wealth of information for everyone visiting, and the local businesses.

We have succeeded fully in delivering the most amazing content to clients as a result of several referrals from the magazine and online business listing on the website Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce.

Nada Jones, Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce Member since 2012



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45th Annual 4th Of July Parade “Celebrating Freedom”

Sunday, July 4, 2021 9:45 AM – 11:45 AM ESTAnthony’s Clothing Store
98200 Overseas Highway
Key Largo, FL 33037

After a year hiatus, the Annual 4th of July Parade is back.  We are all excited to be getting back to normal!  

This year marks the 45th year for the Key Largo Parade.  Moving forward for years to come, the Parade will be named “Celebrating Freedom”.  Celebrating freedom will always remind us of what we all endured over the last year. 

Each year the parade draws thousands of spectators who line both sides of U.S. 1 along the parade route. Businesses and civic groups alike are encouraged to enter floats. 

If you are interested in sponsorships or would like to enter a float, please call the Key Largo Chamber Vice President, Eileen Eadie at 305-451-1414 or email her at, for more information.  

Event Item NameExpiresPricing
Title SponsorJul 04, 2021$5,000.00
Presenting SponsorJul 04, 2021$2,500.00
Patriot SponsorshipJul 04, 2021$1,500.00
Liberty SponsorshipJul 04, 2021$1,000.00
Stars & Stripe SponsorshipJul 04, 2021$500.00
SupporterJul 04, 2021$250.00

Register Here For 4th July Parade

Weather In Key Largo

July 4th Parade




Epic Drone Video

When a family embarks upon a journey like the journey this one has, it’s inevitable those around them, particularly their visual story teller, will comprehend their feelings – it’s impossible to avoid the earnest love they fee for their childhood home!

And almost brings me to tears. Hence the cinematic music! And the drama of true love for this place. That is so much more than a place.

One does not lightly let go of such a valuable and coveted 9 acre ocean front estate.

Filming here – I smiled the entire time, brought back memories for me of the day I learned our English country mansion, nestled in the depths of Surrey’s National Trust Forests, was being put on the market.

I was devastated. I left my Red Sea Scuba Schools scuba diving work, a successful career in PADI’s world wide career scuba network, and flew back to confront the parents whose divorce prompted the sale!

Letting go of ones home, especially such a beautiful one, is as much of an upheaval as anything I have ever experienced. It’s still a space in which we mourn it’s loss, for my siblings and I, to this day!

Whoever purchases the Roebling property, whether 3 or 6 acre (sold as two separate lots) or the 9 acre complete parcel.

Commercially zoned, or otherwise, they will surely embark on such a journey!

It is absolutely magical, green, dreamy and inspiring, just running through trees, along or approaching from the sunrise speeding across the waves into the lagoon. Or walking out to the islands, across the flats at low tide! Or watching the hawks and gulls play and hunt!

Adventure movies could be made here! Epic!