Some lucky shots from the film we made. Don’t skip the photographers album!!! It’s amazing.


Caroline and Andrew’s Friday 13th (yes it was intentional!) wedding at the Miller Estate in Miami took my breath away. She walked down the aisle to a string quartet playing ‘Here Comes Your Man’ by the fabulous Pixies! That blew my mind. For starters!

Vendors are listed in the credits of the film.

Friday 13th Wedding?

There is always that magic lesson we learn from filming every wedding. Your lesson for me was let them play their classical instruments but make them play my alternate 90’s grunge music.

Thank you for allowing us to experience the world of you. We LOVED being able to step into your private and personal moments and bless you all. The dog was wearing my fave outfit!


The ceremony was unique, called a wine box and love letter ceremony where they create their ‘own personal romantic time capsule’ it was just totally enchanting and perfect! I want to re-we’d just to be able to make my own. Something my kids will love on when we are finished.


I loved the choice of string quartet and independent music; I’ve never heard the Pixies played by a string quartet before! In this film you’ll hear Eleganza Strings perform the Pixies ‘Here Comes My Man,’ and the fantastic ‘I’m A Creep’ by Weezer. I had to find the Vitamin String Quartet’s Version of Here Comes My Man because I knew how it started: an abrupt single chord on the guitar, followed by the fast pace ‘Outside there’s a box car waiting…’ it was going to work perfectly with that moment when the boys were called from their reverie with the drum kit to the ceremony….see if you can spot that moment. And the way they walked together to the tune. Love! Music! Love!

Also used ‘Halo in Strings by Beyoncé played by the Midnite String Quartet and it blends passably with the other pieces.


The Miller Estate is a special place. I got the chance to hang out with the owners daughter in law. And the grandchildren. We learned that it is a real family affair and they really do have a recording studios back there someplace as well as hosting weddings you can hire the son as a Pastor and the d-in-law as a ‘day-of’ event planner!

The Koi and the bridges over the rivers and ponds make this place a MUST SEE! It’s exceedingly romantic and very classical! And, as a total novice where it comes to antiques it looked to me like even the antiques were very antique!!

The entire home was just period….’MR. DARCY, MS. ELIZABETH!’


Chantal Lawrie and I have been running into each other at weddings for a few months! We work well together and I hope to see her again this season.



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