Happy I can present a wedding film showcase to be proud of. It’s sad because my parents are gone. I like to believe my Mom would be super proud of the work i’ve done. And the creative being she gave birth to! I’d love to see my Dad shed a tear over the marriage of so many ‘shiny happy people holding hands!’

Wedding Film Showcase

Wedding Photography


When you seek acceptance (and you know we all do) When you look to other people (the world) to be judged (and we all will be and we all are judged and be honest to yourself we are critical and judgmental all the time) What you out out, silently or with great acclaim, what you say and how, matters.

It matters what you put out! This Wedding Film Showcase truly asks simply that you – my brides and grooms, my future clients – you trust the creative in front of you.

And should know the LOVE I experience during the filming of these moments is very deep and unconditional.

Your Personal Style Is What We Love

Although I love bohemian, nature, snowy, cold mountaintops and rustic and modern mix wedding styles, whatever your style is what we love.

This beautiful Wedding Film Showcase comes from NOT blocking out the anger, fear, chaos, calm, peace, love. We HAVE to embrace the emotion, the anguish and all the feelings in between.

All this. Whilst holding the camera steady and maintaining the technical focus vital to success!

During the making of these wedding stories my eyes were not dry. I opened up and became the channel.

Filming Weddings With Passion

Because then it’s a story with your own heart invested and that becomes personal and valuable as part of my own journey. I love being alive and being a mother and a wife. But I was born to make wedding stories!

Wedding Film Showcase

The camera makes me a totally different entity, i’m not here. I’m inside the film. Inside the photo. Inside the atoms, the dust, the molecules of the moment. I’m a conduit of your story!

It is hard to stay focused on what’s next in the schedule at times… as the focus is on capturing that moment, then the next, fleeting.

Of course we get deeply involved with what’s going on inside the intimate looks and a sunset tear drop…as it tracks down onto your mom’s head during the mother son dance!

Wedding Films and Wedding Photography delivering the story with all the power of creativity the universe has gifted me with.


Sony Alpha 9 Photo & Film Camera

Sony Alpha 7iii Photo & Film Camera

Sony FX3 Cinema Line Camera

Godox AD200 Pro Lights

Godox VS1 Flash

Zhiyun Weebil #2 Gimbal

Siriu Monopod

SHOOT MODE: 60fps 4K or 30fps 4K. Dro Lvl5 or auto. S-Log3 & Cinetone

Sony 70-200mm

Sony 85mm prime – f1.8 bokeh, portrait mainly

Sony 35mm prime – f1.4 – f22 wide and portrait

DJI Drone Mavic Pro 2


Wedding Film: Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut ProX

Color Grading & LUTs: Nada Jones Living Color’ – i’ll share these when I get them saved.

Shoot Modes: S-Log 3 and Cinetone, 60FPS 4K


Wedding Photo: Adobe Lightroom CC

Shoot Mode: Manual, Single Frame, ARW, DRO Lvl5, AWB.

Lenses: 85mm prime, 70-200mm zoom, 35mm prime.

Nada Khalaf-Jones Wedding Film Showcase