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In Love With Family Photography

Whether it is a loving family photography session for you and the family at Bayside Inn in Key Largo, that you seek or the fact that as a mother of four and professional photographer I am actually truly loving family photography sessions this fall. Well either way. Loving is the verb and the adjective. Someone with a PhD in language please weigh in here!

Florida Keys Photography Skills – Never Stop Creating

The Key Largo Chamber of Commerce are an amazing resource for me. And all their members are lucky to have the advantage of their email blasts and other marketing that is included with membership. The seasonal family photo sessions below are ALL a result of the work of the Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce’s email blasts.

Every call I received has been in response the their marketing. So. Massive Thanks. Proud to support local business and the community. And I recommend sending them your marketing dollars this year. Instead of your out of town options.

Nothing works better than local business networking. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads. Save it. Invest in the local chamber of commerce and other business network organizations. It works like word of mouth used to before covid.

My Photography Why’s


Florida Keys Photographers – A Comment from Key Largo.

The pandemic shrank all our lives to a few square feet. Lucky we could still walk dogs and go to the store. Not everywhere was so free. Other countries, the stories from the world wide social media and news….backed up by what we heard over the phone from people in Europe, India, Thailand.

Florida Keys Photographers – Staying Close To Home

Individual stories are incredibly hard to hear. Especially the ones that were describing getting stuck with no help, stuck far from home, no way to get back, not being allowed out at all to get food for the family, or necessary drugs. Loneliness. And no income. And slipping down into no hope. How did you cope? I stayed busy, insanely.

Climbing back out of that!! It has been a very challenging journey. For us all! I, personally maintained my emotional balance & survived by hugging the kids more, walking the dogs three times a day! Reading non stop. Staying away from negative stories and people. Avoiding anything but life threatening arguments. And polishing my film making and photographic skills. I have a few people to really thank for that!

Family, Wedding, Drone Photography Sessions.

Bayside Inn, Key Largo, Family Photography Sessions

Florida Keys Photographers – Not Just Practice, I Love The Competition.

I’ve seen and worked with some of these dreamy talents below. This group of talented photographing ladies are the not all based here but all work as Florida Keys Photographers on occasion. These are the ones I follow religiously. And love their stories the most. Their vibe, demeanor and general overall character are my faves. Their work has influenced me with a variety of soft hues and sharp focus and every kind of edit in between. Always professionally creative!

I have enjoyed you all ladies. In particular you kept me up and challenged during these last 12 months. Bravo! Do, please, continue being admirable.

Poirier Wedding Photography

Ania Burre Photography

Conch Republic Photography

Mariela Care Photography

Claudia Rios Photography

Yolanda Hill Photography


Portable Pumpkin Photo Opp.

Spooky Yard Shoot – I’m Bringing My Pumpkins. Want A Photo With One Of These? $75 Mini Sessions. Make Your Fall Season Super Spooky (maybe wear some vampire teeth?)


Love Dogs, Lanky Cats & ‘Engaging Tails’

So excited to wake up this morning and see our newest feature on the front page of The Daily Dog Tag

love dogs & lanky cats with engagement photography

Engagement photography, two dogs, cats, Clyde Coopers BBQ, Rand Bryan House a beach front ‘Islander’ wedding on New Years in the Florida Keys. And once we catch our breath, we will be making the video too. And staying to watch the fire works, according to our agreement with Ashley & Daniel. It’s one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been a part of. And I am personally super excited to see the pups again, as well as Ashley & Daniel, of course…..about to commit to each other for life…oh my, I am nervous already. But working together during they engagement shoot was a riot. I mean, really a riot. The Daily Dog Tag did a great job sharing that sense of what it was all about. I know I spelled Daniel’s last name wrong, so sorry about that guys, by Jessop is correct.

the story from the feature....

Raleigh, North Carolina is a new fave city for this Florida Keys photographer.

The email from Ashley I received got my interest right away. This woman knew she wanted me and she knew what she wanted.

From the Islander in Islamorada, where the wedding is going to take place on New Years Eve 2019, to the pre wedding Dry Tortugas trip by sea plane, to the prominent roles their two dogs London and Baloo will be playing.

She was so straight up with all her needs I said, hey, why don’t I come and take your engagement photos too? Then I fell in love with Ashley & Daniel, they are a gentle and very loving, fun couple.

I felt absolutely welcomed into the Jessup and Holt family circle and when we meandered around down town Raleigh, from our trip to Rand Bryan, to their home, then the Vintage Chapel and on to the history rich State Capitol Building, then the iconic Clyde Coopers BBQ, it felt like I was visiting with a local encyclopaedic tour guide.

Just listening to the discussion about which way to get from point a to the family restaurant was a rich and satisfying detailing of every turn and feature in Raleigh. This girl knows her way around her town. These two feel solid together and it’s a feeling that they shared freely with me.

I loved their history as a couple and can’t wait to hear more of it in December when they come here to the Florida Keys to be married. The film and photographs we make for them will be better and richer than any other project. Since we have already worked together and made great things happen the next time we meet will be even more fruitful.

I’m so proud to know these two and grateful to have been able to claim my spot as a North Carolina engagement photographer. At least once. I fully plan to return to the areas and firstly ski, secondly hike, thirdly seek new clients…..there is much more..read it here..


Wedding Film

When Stacia Morgan called and invited me too join her for a film shoot on the beach at Largo Resort I didn’t know what to expect. We put too many cameras in the car and drove over. That is the way it was then. Since that day I’ve learned you only really need one camera. But two passionate film makers with a camera means twice the angles and twice the story. Every time we shoot a film we learn something new about the process. This one was a styled shoot at Largo Resort for the purpose of promoting the resort, the vendors.

We are known for our talented story telling. That comes from a journalistic career putting together stories about real life. It’s amazing how well story telling caries over form written to visual. I’m overjoyed be the one people call for wedding film. It is such an honour, an unexplainable thrill goes through me every time I find a new couple to film. When I hit record and make beautiful moments more legendary, it seems like the world is right within me. Know that, then, as we weave our way through your wedding day gathering the snippets of the best part of the day into your forever story. We are joyfully, blissfully one with the world and with you. There isn’t anywhere else we would rather be. Just right here. Right now.

Small things can spark the biggest creative storm. In my case, Stacia Morgan managed to do that with her invite to film Moana on that fateful day. Enjoy the film above. Visit http://www.StaciaMorganPhotography.com

Skybornvisual Wedding Film

Florida Keys Wedding Film Life Style

Search for wedding videographer Florida Keys - find locals, Skybornvisual - success!

For the best wedding videographer Florida Keys local production studio Skybornvisual have the perfect set up to deliver modern wedding film. 


Ahead of the curve, always, we believe in the best, so 4 k and now 6k high definition by a mother of four girls in Key Largo, married 22 years ago our lives were lived over half the world, and we are here to gently film you in your beautiful journey in our ocean adventure home.


 Just because we are super tech doesn’t mean we are unimaginative. This team are creative beyond the expected. When you look for wedding videographer Florida Keys, remember we have been here for a decade or three. Of course we will be here if you ever want the same crew to film your anniversary.

Yes. And we use licensed drone to make it perfectly perfect. We even go beneath the waves for those underwater vows and weddings.  You are the stars.

We will happily go anywhere your heart desires. We are based in Key Largo, but happy to journey across the globe to you. We are doing work we love and we are loving, motivated and passionate people and we draw the same energy towards us as we go about our day.


Our base rate is $500 per hour. We includes the film making and delivery and editing in this price. We offer special rates as follows.

Our ‘locals’ only, single location, package price is $1895 for 4 hours  Additional hours are $299 per hour.



  •  6-12 Minutes

  •  6 hours film 40 hours extensive edit, audio, narrated

  •  Preparations

  •  First Looks

  •  Ceremony

  •  Vows

  •  Recessional

  •  First Dances

  •  Reception

  •  Speeches


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  •  3-6 Minutes

  •  4 hours film 24 hours extensive edit, audio, narrated

  •  Preparations

  •  First Looks

  •  Ceremony

  •  Vows

  •  Reception


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  •  1-3 Minutes

  •  2 hours film and 18 hours extensive edit to music, audio

  •  Preparations

  •  First Looks

  •  Ceremony

  •  Vows

  •  Reception


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  •  40 and 60 second

  •  1 hour film and 1 hour extensive edit to music, audio

FEATURED on weddingchicks.com, tacariweddings.com, gayweddingsandmarriage.com, thedailydogtag.com, zola.com.



1-5 Best Beach Wedding

#1 Best Beach Wedding – Kona Kai Resort Art Gallery & Botanical Garden

#staylonger at our number one best beach wedding spot

Cake; Coconut Key Lime Single Tiered Rose Gold Dusted – by by the magical Maggie Ames of Maggies Bakery, Key Largo.

Flowers; Bouquet and Bouttoniere, the flowers on the cake by the fabulous Sara at Key Largo Flowers & Gifts.

Angelic makeup by www.angiebmakeup.com

Hey, you know me, it’s that crazy lady, mother of four and the two dogs, all rescues, except the hubby, he rescued me…live in Key Largo, we are locals, we film and photograph the Florida Keys. It’s our place of happy. Except when it’s December and it’s still 90F! Blame it on the beach, or the ocean views, this place is hard to leave.

So we make the most of this amazing world worth caring for. As a drone wedding video maker #droneweddingvideo – what a MOUTHFUL of cake. Well it’s cake by the ocean every day here.

When The Pop Doesn’t Happen

Thanks to the social media savvy Angie Bray and her fantastic Pixel phone, keep trying iphone11pro….But we LOVE this hilariously funny moment, beyond words.

#2 Best Beach Wedding – Casa Morada Resort & Tours

Visual content production – Florida Keys best beach wedding adventure film

#3 Best Beach – Bakers Cay

boutique style best beach

#4 Best Beach Wedding – Largo Resort

zen boho largo resort

Largo Resort a tidy tucked away secret boho spot definitely ranks as a best beach wedding spot
Definitely our favourite boho best beach wedding – the boho feel infuses every nook and forested pathway

#5 Best Beach Wedding – Playa Largo Resort & Spa

wedding central key largo


Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured (Again)

ocean, air, earth photography

In TheWedClique   our Florida Keys Destination beach wedding featured, again. Celebration time for the groom and groom. Again! Not one, not two but three online magazines have featured this totally adorable family, Wisconsin couple, Brent & Nick. The couple used wedding planners Keys Planning And Events for their brilliantly colorful ‘Coral Beach’ wedding. Sky Born Visual’s first ever wedding film was shot last year with digital stills motion capture in mind. Why not catch the in betweens a camera might miss? Well it worked. Here is the film. Below are the DSMC stills. What….is….that…?

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured DSMC’s from the film on The Wed Clique

We knew you could take the milliseconds in between a camera’s shutter closing and opening to snatch constant frames, particularly as a film maker. DSMC allows us to really examine the footage for the best light and looks, after the last flash has fired. Then we select those images as precisely as the blinking speed of an eye closing and opening. The result is stunning print and social media our grooms and brides love.

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured on The Wed Clique

Sky Born Visual’s first ever wedding film was shot on the bayside in Key Largo in February 2017. Many aspects of the wedding were captured with five cameras including DJI’s Phantom 4, GoPro Hero’s one on a 3 axis brushless gimbal, the other on a tripod and 360 rotational plate with a rode shotgun microphone, a Zhiyun SPG 3 axis gimbal for iPhone 6s and Zhiyun Crane 3 axis brushless gimbal for the Sony Alpha. Edited professionally in Adobe Premiere Pro, each frame can be selected and re-made as a .jpg or raw file for exceptionally high quality.

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured by The Wed Clique

That’s another reason why our prices are elevated to account for 4K film we capture. You can take fabulous quality stills from that quality film. Why not offer that to the brides and grooms? We had time to strap cameras to to trees and hide them throughout the venue, and the 4K footage they gave us was just brilliant,” says Nada Khalaf-Jones film maker and DSMC professional.

As we mentioned above, this Florida Keys destination beach wedding featured was Sky Born Visual’s first EVER wedding film. Set in one of the Keys’ most popular venues no wonder filming here has become very competitive. The Florida Keys are the number two spot for tying the knot in the United States. With approximately 300 weddings a month at 917 wedding venues in the Florida Keys according to TheWeddingSpot.com 

Weddings in the Florida Keys stimulate the economy it’s a massive business, vendor diversity in skills is important because competition is very stiff for capturing a brides attention, between not only vendors but venues. We offer ocean, air, earth film and photo, included in that is our social media and marketing distribution.

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured by The Wed Clique

Sky Born Visual submitted this film and the DSMC photographs to Two Bright Lights, the film and photos were featured 2 months after it’s release to the public as a featured headlining Gay Weddings And Marriage Magazine.(GWM)

Reaching hundreds of people through Sky Born Visuals film channel vimeo.com/skybornvisual and it’s youtube.com/skybornvisual channel. Pro-photographer, Jannette Dellanos captured the wedding which was featured on the front cover of a print magazine.

Our recent thewedclique.com feature was, like the GWM feature, submitted through the online submission platform Two Bright Lights and it’s to them Sky Born Visual owes it’s thanks for connecting these different online and print magazines with the skilled professionals who make the visual magic people just love to see for their engagements, elopements, weddings, parties and more.

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured by The Wed Clique

Brent & Nick Coral Beach Wedding

“We weren’t planning on having a videographer, but Nada made this film exactly the way we would have wanted it, she sent us the photo album after the finished film, we love all our amazing Florida Keys wedding vendors,” say Brent & Nick of the wedding film and the digital stills motion captures they received. 

Recently Sky Born Visual sent them an additional copy of their film, with the original music they played at the wedding, copyright and Creative Commons licensing, along with drone pilot licensing are just a few of the details that govern the way film makers can use and create their footage for public consumption. Sky Born Visual operates their drone license under the company Florida Keys Drone Pros and are licensed under Part 107 through the FAA’s sUAS Remote Pilot In Charge license, they are insured by Hiscox and insure every single flight with Verifly’s hourly drone insurance.

Vendor List

Cutting Edge Entertainment

Ceremonies By Kat

Keys Planning And Events 

Key Largo Lighthouse Beach ‘Coral Beach’

Janette Dellanos Photography