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Welcome to the Florida Keys Adventure woman, photographer, film maker, blogger. Catch up and enjoy our escapades. Be a part of the wild adventure family travel blog. And the production scene that circulates and eddies around the work we do.

WAIT, IS THAT, NO, IT CAN NOT POSSIBLY BE, BUT IT IS, YES, MOST DEFINITELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, UNEQUIVOCALLY, UNDENIABLY A RUN ON SENTENCE. work is play, play is work real estate, wedding, people portrait, street, drone photo film, cameras, 360, 3d, Sony, FAA, drones, production tricks and tips, Florida Keys film locations, Florida Keys film styles.

Florida Keys Photography & Film

Florida Keys Photography & Film

The Most Beautiful Places For Florida Keys Photography & Film 1. Iconic Largo Resort is tucked away on the edge of the world. if you told me I’d only shoot photo and film here until the day my hands can no longer hold a camera I’d tell you that is just 100% fine. thanks. because […]

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Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce

Join the Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce – Nada Jones shares an enduring local love for her fellow local small business successes. See Films & Photos From the last 3 years. Below. They are a warm and welcoming group of professionals who collect willing businesses together in the spirit of commerce and human ingenuity. We […]

You’ve found Key Largo, that’s in Florida, in the United States Of America on Earth, but I’m a Martian.

Though I’m also Florida Keys most divergent, passionate and crazy photographer and film maker.

aka ‘nada jones’s blog/bläɡ/’

work is play, play is work real estate, wedding, people portrait, street, drone photo film


my goal is to have fun with real estate film. let the good vibes into the world
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florida keys home of photo film drone.

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Where? Conveniently nestled up against John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park a short paddle from the Atlantic Ocean & the Florida Bay. Nada Khalaf-Jones lives with her family and rescue dogs and cat in the heart of the first Key in Paradise, Key Largo.

What? Nada Khalaf-Jones makes drone, photo, film for every event, small to corporate business you can possibly imagine. When you arrive in the Florida Keys you’ll be arriving by US1, which will bring your feet or wheels to Key Largo.


Florida Keys drone
drone photo, film

drone photo, film

real estate drone photography with film as well as rental property marketing with drone imagery. we offer hourly rates and packages available starting at $275

graduation photography
event photo, film

event photo, film

small or large event photography with film has become our signature success story. wedding photography and wedding films have become our main creative production starting at $325

family photography
family photo, film

family photo, film

offering family photo and film production for any moment of note. from parent and child, sibling to extended family event photo and film we offer packages from $375.

photo film drone

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Join us for a month of discounted bookings in photo and film, as well as drone production. Text ‘hibiscus’ include your email to the rsvp below and you’ll get a 15% off coupon in your email inbox from – valid until December 2021 ends.

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She’s a Sony photographer now. Prior to that Nada Khalaf-Jones was known to tell stories with an English accent and correct grammar. Her stories about people have been published in newspapers papers and magazines.


Nada’s talent with photos and film began underwater, scuba diving around the world. Finally she crawled out onto dry land in 2012.


After drying off she began to take photo and film editing and post production quite seriously.

Her work’s been featured online by multiple web-zines. She has been published in print magazines, some of which she sees used as door stops, occasionally.


Happy is an attitude. It’s a battle sometimes. Winning it since she arrived as a wee tiny alien smiling baby on the back of a mysterious dragon. Which dropped her off at a hospital bed in London, England a few decades ago.


Drone Pilot Extra Special – she is definitely the longest flying ‘droner’ in the South Florida region. The FAA gave her a license in 2016. It’s even a story in a local newspaper someplace.


She has been called many things! She’s embraced them all. But her fave is a ‘positive force for change.’ An ‘outside the box’ thinker and doer. As a former Montessori home educator. She did let the kids out of the box some times. She still actually likes her four amazing children.


Unashamedly creative with a camera, he extensive international Europe, Africa, America travel gives her a sharp edge.

‘…they loved what they saw’

Punctual, very professional, experienced, worked well with my pet and very entertaining

Holly Farrell

All of the above!! NADA is what you need for ALL of your events!! She was our videographer for our wedding and she knocked it out of the park!! Hands down made the most amazing videos for us to have for the rest of our lives!!! She does great work. She listens to what you want. She captures a lot of things you wouldn’t even know she did. I literally cried throughout the entire video the first time I watched it… happy tears at just how absolutely amazed I was at how PERFECT it was. She continued to work with a few changes in one of them with no problem at all. Worth every penny. To be able to watch these videos to remember our special day makes me so happy we got to have her as our videographer!!!! Every person I have shown this video too has watched In awe and tears start rolling. Can’t thank her enough for her talent!!! 💞

Courtney Andersen

let’s make something beautiful together.