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Bee Hiving

We love bees! But who knew? None of us until the day the bees began to make themselves known to us. It all began with the water dripping onto the very large Elephant Ears…which are growing here because of the money my Dad gave me when he passed.

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 9:17 AM Elliot Weld wrote:

Hi Nada,

This is Elliot Weld. I’m a reporter at the Free Press. So I hear you found some bees in your attic was it? And you’re going to have them put in a hive.

Very cool. It would make a good little story for the news. Are they already in the hive? Or is the apiary going to put them in one at some point?

On Thu, Jun 3, 2021 at 11:24 AM Nada Khalaf-Jones wrote:

Hi Elliot,

They r still in the attic. Buzzing away. We have no confirmed the apiary. And we need to get a sturdy hive for them. We r all over the idea. We have this landscaping, v basic, my late Dad gave me money and it is all growing out of the ground. He would have been sooooo stoked to have bees in a hive all here because we used the money he shared to plant so much vegetation. And my Mom would have loved this too.

So.Whatever happens. We will be doing this.
I will let u know as soon as I have an answer!!!Feel free to come see. They r v quiet bees right now!!

Let me know, thanks, Elliot

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Epic Drone Video

When a family embarks upon a journey like the journey this one has, it’s inevitable those around them, particularly their visual story teller, will comprehend their feelings – it’s impossible to avoid the earnest love they fee for their childhood home!

And almost brings me to tears. Hence the cinematic music! And the drama of true love for this place. That is so much more than a place.

One does not lightly let go of such a valuable and coveted 9 acre ocean front estate.

Filming here – I smiled the entire time, brought back memories for me of the day I learned our English country mansion, nestled in the depths of Surrey’s National Trust Forests, was being put on the market.

I was devastated. I left my Red Sea Scuba Schools scuba diving work, a successful career in PADI’s world wide career scuba network, and flew back to confront the parents whose divorce prompted the sale!

Letting go of ones home, especially such a beautiful one, is as much of an upheaval as anything I have ever experienced. It’s still a space in which we mourn it’s loss, for my siblings and I, to this day!

Whoever purchases the Roebling property, whether 3 or 6 acre (sold as two separate lots) or the 9 acre complete parcel.

Commercially zoned, or otherwise, they will surely embark on such a journey!

It is absolutely magical, green, dreamy and inspiring, just running through trees, along or approaching from the sunrise speeding across the waves into the lagoon. Or walking out to the islands, across the flats at low tide! Or watching the hawks and gulls play and hunt!

Adventure movies could be made here! Epic!

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Key Largo Voted Top US Destination 2020 by Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor VoteS Key Largo Top US Destination 2020
Doing Backflips In Key Largo – Scuba Divers Celebrate
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Social Media Film

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