Canal 242, Key By The Sea, AEI’s barges have cleaned up the bulk of debris, according to locals it was once possible to walk across the top of the trailer homes, they were piled one on top of the other.

On the Irmaversary of September 10th 2017 the odious Hurricane Irma threatened to wipe out communities in the Florida Keys. The destruction left in its wake was complete in some areas. Other areas faired better. Either way our Florida Keys life and the infrastructure and environmental assets that support it all are still here.

Albeit changed forever by Irma’s passing.

The series of short films we’re making gather together the clean up story, a year down the road, with regular updates on Monroe County Administrator, Roman Gastesi’s successful securing of funds for a $39 million dollar project from federal agency NRCS.

Approximately the federal funds are intended to return the canals and coastal communities’ waters to healthy, ‘clean waterways.’ For fund minutiae MCOBOCC and NRCS can be accessed from the links.

Our story is a visual journey that delivers information from the center of the clean up action along the Florida Keys.

We began filming Adventure Environmental Inc (AEI) when they launched their fleet of 13 barges out of a marina in Key Largo recently. The challenge of moving the fleet around the Florida Keys to most affected areas and removing debris from deep canals with shallow entrances is many fold.

AEI works to a required standard that involves a commitment to do no further harm whilst problem solving along the way. Manatees are gently herded out of canals by divers, the canals are blocked off ensuring the often anaerobic contents of the silt when stirred up by digger claws is contained as much as possible.

We filmed with aerial cameras as they piled the debris with care onto barges, loading into trucks, returning to precise pre-scanned sonar and gps points to ensure all debris is cleared.

At the Key By The Sea, Marathon, Floria site, environmental engineering company and official watchdog of the project, Wood Inc., log all the contents of the canals as they come up in the claw, get placed on the barge, get rinsed and transported to the debris pile for canal 242, a short truck drive away.

Here a at ‘The 242 Pile’ Wood Inc monitor records the slowly growing pile on her ipad, by taking a series of photos of the inside of the truck from above and each delivery after it’s placed on the pile.

According to locals, who have photos to back this statement up, Canal 242 a person could walk across on the top of the trailer homes after the storm.

Adventure Environmental Inc’s Operations Director Chris Colarusso informed Senator Marco Rubio during a recent 2 minute stop off at the Key By The Sea clean up site, “they were stacked on top of one another.”

Progress is ongoing, removing debris left by the storm and improving our waterways is a concern for the people who live here, the state of Florida, and a dire necessity to reclaim and reestablish a modicum of health on our precious and always challenged coastal environment. It has a global impact too.

In a time of ongoing commentary about inshore and nearshore coastal waterway health decline, algal blooms tied to fertilizer run off are a daily topic in the news, when we meet local long time fishermen who say the water looks bad, when we meet first time tourists who don’t want to swim in it.

Winning federal funding to clean waterways should be a celebrated moment because it sends the right impression. Yes. That matters. Perception changes minds and prompts actions.

In the end it’s the passion of a few that can turn the intentions of the many. For the good in this case. Another small group responsible for some of the biggest perception changes comes to mind. This month, September 2018 the annual Alligator Reef Light Swim has a massively positive impact on your and my perception of our waterways health. It’s their first since the storm. Welcome back. Keys Stronger.

Don’t miss the best iconic Florida Keys aerial photographer

don't miss the best iconic Florida Keys aerial photographer

Don’t miss the best iconic Florida Keys aerial photographer since 2015.

Don’t miss the best iconic Florida Keys aerial photographerWe know everyone remembers the time they turned up to the party without a present. Well, we like to avoid errors. We like turning up to your real estate listing, wedding, moving in day video with the present, the batteries, the sd cards, the insurance, the license. And the concept…and because we are local to the entire 200 miles of this Florida Keys we don’t charge more for a shoot in Key West than we charge for Key Largo. We are here, we live here, it’s our community.

Don’t forget Florida Keys aerial photography is something we love to do. Passionately. It is a pleasure but it is costly. We charge well for the work we produce, so we expect great results. If we don’t get them the first time we go back again.

We make magic in the world of Aerial Photography using todays most modern drone tech and Professional Photographic Production in Adobe Lightroom.

We also love to make photographs for sporting events, weddings, concerts, motorcycle boat shows, autonomous car films, graduation, family adventures, and portrait photography. There isn’t much we cannot photograph with our drone, so let us answer your questions.

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Key Largo Waterfront Restoration Projects from Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography on Vimeo.

Florida Keys Aerial Photography is so effective at delivering your real estate listings to every social media outlet, even printed. We love beautifully balanced photographs, you love the impact they have on your clients and peers.


So don’t miss the best iconic Florida Keys aerial photographer. Florida Keys aerial photography sends a really gentle but powerful message to your audience. Catching the sun through the trees as it sets and casts gentle shadows on the water around a house is just dreamy. Catching the sun as it comes up is even dreamier. We love Florida Keys aerial photography, as well as traditional photography for Real Estate.

Our Florida Keys Aerial Photography skills have been brightened and honed several continents in Europe, Africa, The Middle East and in many states around the USA. But the sunny ocean horizons, sandy beaches, elegant Florida Keys resort lifestyle just beats it all. o, did we say this already? Don’t miss the best iconic Florida Keys aerial photographer

Clear the set – don’t miss the best iconic Florida Keys aerial photographer

When you realize you’re in need of aerial photography the first thing to do is clear the set. What does that mean? Ideal Florida Keys aerial photography takes place on a sunny day with just a few tiny clouds, with little to no wind, no cars parked on the street, all the power lines and poles have been removed, the tree branches cut back and the house freshly painted, including a new roof.

Just kidding. Well. Not really. But those are the basics. When a 360 pan of the home requires we need to fly the drone around the house with a 10-20 foot clearance. It would be nice to remove the trees, power lines and sail boat stanchions. Many homes in the Florida Keys are on fairly small lots 50 x 100 with mangroves, buttonwoods, sail boats and power lines surrounding them.

Well, when you are selling a home or promoting a beautiful boat, or a car, the background is really important. Clear off all the surfaces, remove any kind of branding you aren’t officially allowed to display, for realtors this is especially important, the listings typically have to be neutral. So no signage.

Plan A Plan B Plan C

When we set up an aerial photo shoot it’s always better for your audience to see the home without cars, trash cans, recycle bins and general clutter. It’s been our experience that a few white clouds actually make the scene even more dramatic, so absolutely clear blue sky isn’t essential. And even better a slightly overcast grey sky brings out the details, it can really flatten out the shadows nicely and create that dreamy even look. It’s a simple step to add in light in our post-production work flow.

Florida Keys Aerial Photography Federal Aviation Administration licensed, insured, permitted, affiliate member of the Florida Keys Board Of Realtors

Getting it staged in time for our aerial photography to take place is a vital step. Planning is required. Preparing the home and the area around it as much as possible impacts all the other elements we’ve spent so long working on: batteries, sd cards, scheduling the shoot around high winds and sunny days, permits to fly.

Frequently Answered Questions

Should Recycle & Yard & Trash Cans Be Out Of Site?

YES! The best way to present a home for sale is tidy, clean & pristine. If you can hide the ‘cans’ inside the garage or behind a tree, it would be better than leaving them at the edge of the property.  

Should I Be At Home When The Film, Photo, Drone Professional Comes?

No! Please leave. We recommend scheduling any other activity that will remove yourself from the property for the two or 4 hours the process takes. 

Should I Move The Vehicles & Clean Up The Yard?

Yes! Cut the grass, pick up the leaves, park the cars someplace out of site.

How Long Will It Take?

Real Estate drone photography & video  takes a solid hour, possibly 90 minutes. Since we need to settle into the lighting conditions, get the very best angles and deal with weather. We are not legally permitted to fly over un-covered humans, so people around the area we are flying over makes the work almost impossible. Typically – 1500 square feet – single family 3 bed 2 bath home takes approximately 90 minutes for great aerial photography & fabulous drone video.

Great Drone Video & Top Notch Drone Photo

Real Estate Drone Video & Photo

Real Estate Drone Film & Photo deliver ocean, air, earth film and photographic perspectives. The company’s lady owner became one of the first drone pilots certified under the Part107 FAA sUAS license. This August 2018 marks the 2nd year anniversary accompanied by a recurrent FAA licensing test, as we prepare for that examination, it’s time to reflect on a great first two years in the real estate drone film and photo business.

One of our most supportive customers, and we are beyond proud to say our most successful repeat customer has been Moorings Realty. For a glimpse of work we have delivered to Moorings Realty please visit their front page. Here you can watch the listing gallery as it cycles through. Or see the video and photo of the listings below.



Moorings Realty

The same company, Moorings Realty has it’s office in an elegant Keys home converted into a plush, modern airy office. We love simply to hang out in this historical place and look at their constantly updated list of properties.

This iconic family business stands for continuity and as Florida Keys residents who love where we live gives us a sense of pride.

Great Drone Video & Top Notch Photo Sells Real Estate

It is simple. We take 2-3 hours of solid photographic and video work to produce a stunning result for any real estate listing. Once the editor starts the clock you would have your visual content for marketing your property in 18 business hours.

Our price is $895 for the entire package. For a single family home of 1500 square feet. We offer features such as home owners parks, nearby beaches, yacht harbours, shopping and schools for a per feature fee.

We include 100 – 200 professional quality photographs and 60 – 180 second real estate video for instagram, twitter, Pinterest.

Share your Sky Born Visual & Florida Keys Drone Pros drone video on social media. We put your video with licensed music, add your listing details, branding or none so you can upload to the MLS as per FKBOR as well as NAR rules.

We assist you with your s.e.o tags and keywords, and deliver via Vimeo, Dropbox, Dropbox Transfer. Your Instagram or Twitter real estate video can be saved to any photo app and shared. Realtors love the crisp, eye catching 4K and High Definition film. It will get a ton of attention.

Real Estate Drone Video in the Florida Keys & Love For Advanced Technology

Stabilised to be utterly smooth, drones are reliable and highly advanced, the Mavic Pro 2, Inspire 1 Pro are perfectionists at what they do. And we love to stay ahead of technology, so we are using 360 GoPro Max cameras too…that all round view is just spectacular.

The plan is to offer our customers incredible images with the newest technologies of tomorrow. Whilst never forgetting the human esthetic element of the quiet & beautiful living championed by the Moorings Village and Moorings Realty.

And just to seal the deal as they say, for the viewing pleasure of our present and future clients, and their customers. Here are some examples of the work we have made for James Mooney, Realtor® extraordinaire

Great Drone Video & Top Notch Drone Photo for Jim Mooney