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When does an image change your moment?

Visual communication is the most effective way of passing information because the human mind processes things in images. The majority of people respond quickly to visual images instead of texts. … Any form of advertisement should use images and graphics because it will have a great impact on boosting your business.Aug 10, 2017

Visual marketing is the discipline studying the relationship between an object, the context it is placed in and its relevant image. Representing a disciplinary link between economy, visual perception laws and cognitive psychology, the subject mainly applies to businesses such as fashion and design.

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Visual content marketing refers to using images to convey valuable information in an engaging visual format. … Visual content marketing examples include images with educational or inspiring text, infographics, and “signature branded images” that promote written, audio, or video content.Oct 20, 2017

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Social Media Film

29.95 fps – 240 fps frame rate – what’s that? render quality H264/H265 – experienced now – this clip was improved for the published header visit
social media film and social media photography ‘Snooks Bayside Grill’ aerial shot by @floridakeysdronepros

Skybornvisual partners with Florida Keys Drone Pros. We offer complete visual marketing solutions – check us out on Google

social media film

Frame rate issues here. We solved them for the final cut! But the superb promo is complete. For the smooth and live film website header visit Meanwhile enjoy this sample version of the published header for her savvy new industry leading website.

SUCH an honor to work for the indomitable and superbly iconic Jaclyn Kelley, Owner & Broker of Star Properties of South Florida and The Florida Keys

Visit the Instagram post to see a lot more links and interested local entities

social media film

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Drone Video Marketing

Drone video marketing follows you car along the Florida Keys overseas highway, your yacht’s for sale? Flying over blue ocean on a beautiful white wave cresting plane & those wedding visuals, that heart stopping aerial film & photographic drone video moment.

drone video marketing
The (first Florida Keys Part 107 Drone Pilot) Woman Behind The Drone Video Marketing Concept (photo credit Michelle Dearing @endearingphotography)

Although it could have been the same color as the bright orange jumpsuit I’m wearing here, and if I’d thought about that it may have been a better color. But a bright hot pink vest with reflective lettering that says ‘drone piloting, please do not disturb’ ‘ 305 209 1758’ is a must for any drone pilot.

There are two large pockets – where the spare batteries go.


Drone video marketing
The Hot Pink Vest – At It’s Best

Since 2015 we have held an FAA Part 107 small unmanned aerial system license. Along with that it seems like a smart move to be fully insured (both the drone and your investment)

We love to see our work shared by clients all over the Florida Keys. So we went ahead and asked for, and received, FAA waivers to fly in all the Florida Keys from Key Largo at mile marker 106 to Key West at mile marker 0. 

FROM 0 to 106 or 106 to 0 Licensed to Fly From Key Largo to Key West, We Are Legally Licensed.

We can fly the lighthouses: all 5. The beaches. No. Not the National Parks!! But YES! If you have real estate in a location that is restricted to drones we can apply for a waiver just to film your listing. We can fly the bridges. The ocean. The bay. We can follow your 5K or 10k run for charity or your Alligator Lighthouse Swim or your Triathlon or marathon.


We can follow your car for sale. As it flies down the overseas highway, blue ocean ahead, blue ocean behind, as it performs a tire scraping high speed turn throwing up dust and comes to a dramatic stop. Drone wedding video and drone video marketing is as fast as the drone and as skilful as the operator. But the proof of concept is what the editor presents you and the world. 


Editing in house, right next door…we have our own state of the art editing suite. In Key Largo! Skill isn’t just in flying the drone, filming the mood, smoothly following the story or the action. It’s in the entire production. We do it all. Creatively. Professionally. And fast. We can make stunning website headers and amazing social media films.

We are excellent at editing. Which means whatever we shoot can be turned into a story with fabulous plot, story line, timeline, message.


Try our ocean, air, earth visual content production team out. You may just find we are as fabulous as we try to sound.

Drone Video Marketing & Editing Production – Full Service Film & Photo Production, Social Media Marketing & Distribution Based in Key Largo

florida keys iconic wedding film

Featured on Wedding Chicks Inspiration

Stacia Morgan combines her photographic efforts with vendors wherever she goes. Her photographic talent pushes this sort of fantasy fashion and style shoot to happen. Shoots can be whimsical and creative, but always cutting edge, because these are setting and steering trends in the Florida Keys and beyond.

florida keys wedding filmEH? WINGS OVER HOMESTEAD AIR & SPACE SHOW 2018

Excited to say that right now Skybornvisual prepares production for USAF Wings Over Homestead Air & Space Show on Nov 3/4  and one reason has to do with Stacia Morgan. For a stop by our tent on the flight line at the show follow the map. Sky Born Visual will be filming celebs and show attendees like you with a good word to say about their Air Show experience.


In 2017 this award winning wedding photographer and styled shoot planner invited Skybornvisual to do some aerial and Sony Alpha 4k mirrorless film work with her.

”What you are doing is so much fun i’d love it if we worked together,” she said over the phone in early 2017.

We didnt know what to expect, we were presented with a beautiful single ‘bride’ and a beautiful ‘wedding’ couple at an exclusive beach resort in Key Largo.

floridan keys wedding filmFLORIDA KEYS ICONIC WEDDING FILM

This just released Florida Keys iconic Bali styled Moana themed wedding film will inevitably be featured on multiple leading wedding websites.

When we encountered Morgan that day at Largo Resort she had the dress, the lace boots, the florals, the table decor, the cake, the talented make up and hair artists.


She’d organized two completely separate styled shoots on the same day and location. And because she hired brought in some of the best talent around the Florida Keys things went off without a hitch.

We made connections that day that have seen us successfully challenge ourselves more and more as film makers. We produced the Florida Keys Destination Wedding Show pre-show promo and the show film.

The Florida Keys are the number one wedding destination in the USA.

Because Morgan is an expert at keeping one step ahead and her finger on the pulse she is a Florida Keys wedding style industry leader.

Whilst Morgan is often globe hopping with her styled shoots she brings inspiration from overseas and feeds back to a growing trend which began in 2015.

Morgan is leaving her mark on the industry back home.

When Morgan established the Florida Keys Award Winning Wedding Photographers network her actions made us all better photographers and film makers. She forced us to raise our level of technical and creative skill and our expectations of one another.

Impact on wedding photography in the Florida Keys? Morgan made the Florida Keys wedding industry evolve into a cutting edge style and talent leader.

Her images graced the cover of multiple international magazines, have been featured across wedding websites across the USA.

Morgan and her family were featured on E! magazine with her ‘Boho Puppy Wedding.’


She is still kicking it in online and print publications and she is still winning awards.

She brings people together and creates teams of artists who create together. Despite themselves!

FLORIDA KEYS ICONIC WEDDING FILM Morgan’s Florida Keys Award Winning Wedding Photographers network has become a creative arena in which to challenge each other to achieve better.

But even world leading shutter bugs would agree, film is the thing today.

With photography extracted from the still frames. And apps like @pixaloop adding motion to any still photograph in a matter of seconds.

Skybornvisual and Stacia Morgan

We are sure we will continue to create fun filmed and photographed styled shoots. We will be Ocean, Air, Earth 360, virtual reality and all that comes between now and tomororw! Embrace the moment.

Florida Keys Wedding Film Channel