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How To Get Your Best Seasonal & Graduation Tropical Fall – Winter Photography


Essential Photo Session Suggestions

I’d Love To Meet You! We Are Personally Compassionate! From years of working with families, seniors, brides and grooms, puppies, in business product studios and photo journalism.

Photographic Experience? We know photography – since 1999, at all speeds and in all situations.  Florida Keys photography is tropical. Hot. Sunny. Humid. We Know Sunsets. Flashes. Lighting. Studios.

Local Knowledge? We know it well so we gather knowledge to help you decide what to wear.

Hair? Make Up? And offer vendor assistance if you need a hair and make up artist on set with you. Book our preferred vendors for your 30 minute sessions or all day shoots or bring your own.

Reschedule? Yes. We don’t offer refunds. We offer spots that are paid for. And new dates for missed appointments. Natural disasters are exceptions.

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Florida Keys Photographer Style guide
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Family & seniors Photography Style guide
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What – What’t the flow? Tropical Fall Photo Sessions are 30 Minute Mini Photography Sessions in the Topical Upper Florida Keys, booked in advance. We suggest places to meet based on time of year and budget. You meet your photographer, we shoot lots of fabulous photographs. We edit them and send them to you. You receive the link for your Digital Download, which expires in ten years. You download all the ones your heart desires and print as many as you like.


Why – 30 Minutes is a seasonal short session. Short and sweet with great results. Designed to let you capture all the portraits you need to celebrate the season, or your senior’s graduation. Or your simply in love with the way you all look right now. Or you really want memories of this year, this beach, this sunset, this moment. Need an hour? That’s cool. We can extend if we are not booked.


When – Seasonal Photography! Fall is the best time because it is not so hot! Weekdays are the best time because there are not so many people vacationing. Our fave and busiest months are October -January. For us Florida Keys locals it’s perfect.

Florida Keys Photography at Sunset! Not many people argue when you tell them Sunset is the best time to be photographed. Why? There is probably some scientific explanation about light waves and refraction.

Bit simpler version though is because of the glow and colour dancing through the water across the horizon from the setting sun. It is truly magical when that happens. And sunsets in the Florida Keys never get old.

Also week days are best for those sessions since there are guests there. Sunset is the most popular time and the two hours prior tend to be when everyone gathers to bask in the last glow of light for the day. So finding a spot that is not crowded is a priority.

But with photography in the Florida Keys any time works, since we use professional lighting and can handle bright sun and shadows or total darkness.


Where – We can come to your place or meet at any Upper Keys location. We have a list of favourite spots and some that need planning to get in. Which one we use is up to you, the weather and how much you want to spend.

Resorts? Yes. We work with a few. We charge a premium for the shoots here. Why? Since we can’t just walk in, and we have to ask. And plan. And do work to make it happen.

Public Parks are actually a fave place to photograph clients. It is laid back and often naturally appealing at all the local parks. Every one of them has a waterfront view or at least a substantial natural element to it we can use in out photographs.

who – graduating seniors

Graduating Seniors we don’t limit you to how many outfits or how many or what types of poses. You want to pose riding your skate board whilst playing your guitar, fine. But 30 minutes offers at most 3 outfit changes. We love to move you around, to see you in different lights and from different angles. So movement is not a problem. Hair and sweat can be!

who – family seasonal photography

We love family photography. Our limit is 6 per 30 minute sessions. We offer advice on styling and hair and make up. Also poses can be all you or we can suggest what worked in previous shoots with families. It’s about being cheerful and ensuring the children from 1 to 110 all behave themselves well enough to make that shot look good for the memory wall at home.

how – outfits & poses

Outfit Changes Seniors: Athletic Jerseys, Cheer Leader Outfits, Cap N Gown, Stoles, Special Insignia.

Seasonal Props: Seasonal Family Photos, Fall, Halloween, Christmas.

Studio Backdrop Colors: Dark Blue, White, Beige


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