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Do you love to make social media photography?

Do You Love To Make Social Media Photography? Well we totally love it…this one is called “NO ADDITIVES NEEDED” it’s about a drink I discovered. Yum. Sour. #citricacid #chilli #limejuice #orangejuice #negromodellodraft – this Mexican restaurant spot was spicy and sassy and cheerful as i entered – drawing me in to this #happy #bright space – when I slipped quietly into a noisy (fun happy background noise) quiet (able to not speak and read my book) corner of the Puerto Vallarta Bar & Grill – Islamorada and it made my night off a blessing! This was MY FIRST EVER #michelada I felt brave ordering it – even braver drinking it but ‘pucker my puckering lips’ what a fabulous sour kick on the rim with the #tajin all round the edge – what a way to drink beer! My first ever #micheladas all I can say is thank you oh creator of food! And of course @puertovallartafl puertovallartafl

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Children’s Party Photography Fabulously Featured in ‘A Princess Inspired’

Featured Florida Keys Photographer Children’s Party Photography is a lifetime challenge. As they grow their tastes change. Cake is always appropriate  But decor comes more sophisticated. Sometimes the backdrops become hand crafted wooden signs or custom made paper invites wound with elegant ribbons.  Every year we celebrate 6 birthdays. October 29th is one of them. We bring a day of fun and …

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Portrait Photography – How To Win – The Struggle Is Real

Portrait Photography – real estate, aerials, landscapes, people, pets – you could spend all your time and money buying new camera lenses. Which one is truly a fit to your style and the story you are telling? Photographers learn this: what you love takes time, for me, the creative process is an inner dialogue, you must have patience, love and passion. Even get angry with yourself over accepting what is clearly not good enough for you.

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Green Florida Keys

Make trees not paper. We absolutely love green, tree trunks, living, thriving forests, mangrove trees, buttonwood trees, palm trees, pine trees, grassy meadows and mangroves forests. I don’t have any research to spout, but the more trees and more healthy green the better. This applies to ocean as well as land. Yes! We get oxygen from the green stuff in the ocean too. And this is my short list to help me towards a more Green Florida Keys