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Welcome to the newly re-opened Florida Keys Flowers & Gifts. And to our blog along with on the spot quick event visuals. We don’t get out much.

When we do get out it’s magic. And strange things happen.

[videopress ScO8RiF3]

Key Largo Flowers & Gifts hosted friends and members of the Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce whose over sized scissors cut through the red tape quickly without fuss and got down to the important part of the event: food, drink and music.


Energized by the fast arrival of cooler weather the new owner Sarah Scheer and family are a warm presence in this season of community and sharing.

We went along with the camera and the mini-Jones’s for a fun evening.


And then there were Vendor! Oh Yes. The list with photographic printable evidence is here.

Vendors & Guests Professional Print Orders From The Pixieset Gallery Here

In the meantime some mug shots will encourage visitors to share their images across social networks. Please do not share without mentioning your Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce free event photography by Skybornvisual. Thanks.

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