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Toys For So Many Florida Keys

Florida Keys Event Photography this annual Florida Keys Toys For Tots is inspirational. We love to photograph volunteers giving their weekend time so that families and children will receive much needed gifts during the Christmas season.

For more information visit their Facebook page

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Professional Jewelry Photography

High quality jewelry photography – Great skill and dedication to perfection.

Based in South Florida our traveling studio can come to you.

Just one question – what happens to all the light when it bounces off these stones?

Florida Keys Jewelry needed seasonal jewelry photographed so here is a final pre – edited piece. The way this looks here is stunning, but after it is edited. Well it’s just beautiful and shows the white gold in all its glory.

Sapphire! Oooohh. For all the details go to the source.
From Florida Keys Jewelry
This is an such an unusual setting for my eyes. And the colors of these stones are completely unique. What a statement! Posed in white roses from our great local florists Key Largo Flowers and Gifts.

Florida Keys Jewelry

Loving this learning curve. Experience has taught me some great things about diffusing light and the reflective properties of all these shiny polished, perfectly cut stones and metals.

Wax What?

Well & Truly Stuck – Jewelers Wax Keeps The Pose Steady

So the first jewelry Studio Photographic shoot I did was a combination of test and trial and error. The results were AMAZING.

Stuck on you? Jewelry doesn’t stand at an alluring angle all by itself! And shadows and reflections are your absolutely best friend but also your worst enemy!

I decided the first Jewelry Studio Photographic shoot was not good enough for me, so I found the problems and eliminated them one by one.


First I went and bought the best macro I could afford and made truly REALLY AMAZING jewelry photographs come to life.

Little did I know – they use wax! In fact it seems like an industry standard. So away goes the fishing line. Although it’s always helpful for that floating in air shot.

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Proposals Of Marriage Are A Serious Business

Proposals of marriage are a tentative and nerve wrecking time for the one proposing and the one being proposed to. Proposals of marriage are meant to shake you to your core. It’s a seriously earth shaking decision. And the impact is so broad, not quite like a ripple on a lake, more like a tidal wave. Everyone you know and love will be impacted. It’s love, why be surprised? And it’s no surprise when we experience a seriously sharp increase in heart rate, our pupils dilate and the endorphins rage, maybe we should classify proposals of marriage as an ‘extreme sport?’


Nerves Are Expected When Proposing

And what a relief when your beloved one says YES! These smiles and sighs of relief are genuinely not scripted at all. It’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had with a photographic client. The intensity is really massive.

Whether you are proposing a new idea to a client or to your children for a new meal plan that cuts out meat – proposals of every kind in life, are a challenge. I proposed less meat on the menu this month – I was successful. But it would have really upset me if it had failed. I like animals too much.

Right? I mean, we ask for someone to be with us for the rest of our lives and they may need some time to think about it. In this case, with these two amazing young people, that was a short space of about 5 seconds.

Proposing Marriage!

Getting down on one knee is a vulnerable place to be. Truly, it’s when you put yourself below your intended. You look up into their eyes and basically beg them to have you for richer or poorer and until death do you part! Proposing marriage isn’t to be taken lightly. And yet many people do find themselves divorcing. And re-marrying.

Proposals of Marriage are a Seriously Serious Business

She really really energised everyone around here at the Hampton Inn in Key largo, with that smile and that radiance.

Seriously, though, proposals of marriage are seriously a serious business. Many lives change in that instant. You – whether on bended knee or free falling from 13,000 ft – yes sky diving proposals happen too – you go from being single, and hopeful, to being stunned and possibly committed!

Best practice I’d say is be some place where you are happy at the beach or wherever you are comfortable, because you will go from calm and coasting along to suddenly shocked, head spinning like a top, thousands of questions, definitely a gut reaction and adrenaline flowing. And hopefully a ‘yes’ will come out of your mouth and precipitate the kind of smiles only that ‘yes’ can generate!

Saying this makes me wonder whether a proposal of marriage shouldn’t be classed as an ‘extreme sport!’ Seriously – your heart beat increases, your pupils dilate, you experience a hit of endorphins for sure. And then what …. you hear yourself saying the words that will – in an inevitable wedding event a few months along – change your entire world and that of your family members. WOW! No pressure or anything!! Wooh!