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Ever wondered how people get such great photos and such highly popular posts on social media? Social Media Plus Photo by Google Local Guide offers all that and more. We simply don’ like to give up until we crack the formula.  Whatever you are trying to put out there into the web and world. Our talent lies in breathing life into visuals you may overlook as not relevant. We love to build relevance with simple, artfully created video and photo. And well researched SEO, hashtags. Alt tags. 

Presenting proven journalism with published photographic skills, a social media content expertise. We serve others so they can handle content correctly, optimise each tiny piece and reap the rewards across all online and social media platforms.

Considering those skills how about we handle your business photo shoot and write your story in one simple evolution. In a 24 hour turnaround time frame. Turn your most popular, possibly overlooked assets into stunning visual stories on social media and beyond.



Unwind Magazine – April 2017

Island Style – Unwind March 2016



JULY 2020


Enjoy our Google Local Guide photographs and our skillfully written reviews that get so much attention.

In business since 2009, the boss is a mother of four, free lance journalist, worldwide scuba instructor, Montessori Teacher to 3-13 year olds with a strong environmental and science love for our fabulous Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

We cater to local full time and part time residents and offer clients a monthly or annual plan, once we get to know the ropes we sustain regular social media elevation for your event, business or campaign. It becomes much more efficient and organic. At our core is our family, we love and strive to save all that is good and great about the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary whilst inviting tourism to thrive.

Social Media Plus Photo by Google Local Guide

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Sky Born Visual understand ranking and  SEO, it’s sleepless. But we do get some rest. And we love to develop our own, personal websites. We are learning the tricks of the online world of business with google business sites, godaddy and word press. We have multiple social media platforms which are very well populated. And our websites are ranked high. We know the terrain.

Google’s new schema and the load speed algorithm. Hashtags, long tail keywords, how you rank on google, your relevant seo, google analytics. We swim in this incredible social media ocean.

We want to be your advanced digital visual content production service. We like DJI Drones, Sony DSLR’s, 360 GoPro Max. Don’t the smart phones nowadays really totally rock?

Try A Google Local Guide To Improve Your Social Media


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Florida Keys Adventure

Skyborn Visual

Nada Khalaf-Jones

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Skybornvisual LLC

Skybornvisual Film Photo Production on Youtube

Florida Keys Canal Restoration Continues

ADVENTURE ENVIRONMENTAL INC & the lady drone pilot film maker side story.


In 2016 Florida Keys Drone Pros combined aerial film and photo with production to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as well as real estate listing websites.

Drone video marketing began in 2016.

But the Journalism and Marketing began decades before that. All of a sudden Florida Keys aerial photography took off in a big way and we’ve combined both successfully for fantastic stories.

Our stories aren’t fictional. Don’t get me wrong! We absolutely love sci-fi, nothing more escapist than a night of Voltron, Avengers, Thunderbirds or Studio Ghibli. But as they say ‘reality is stranger than fiction’ (Who did say that?)


When 13 barges lined up and made ready to set sail (is that right?) the camera’s from Monroe County’s Cammy Clark and our Skybornvisual & Florida Keys Drone Pros team were rolling. Coordinating this debris clean up after Irma, almost 12 months later, has not been an easy job to get started for any of the actors. 

One thing we know is when the call came in from the AEI folks to make their films pursuing them all the way down the Florida Keys cleaning all the way, we were more than elated. Not to be confused with elevated. Which we are a lot also. 

Here is your 1 minute film of the launch of the beginning of the end for the hurricane Irma debris around our Florida Keys waterways.


AEI with a list of actors in this non-fiction story of epic proportions, coming later to this blog post. For the back story of how we make these films, stay tuned. 

Adventure Environmental Inc Launches It’s Fleet in the Florida Keys from Nada Khalaf-Jones Productions on Vimeo.

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured (Again)

ocean, air, earth photography

In TheWedClique   our Florida Keys Destination beach wedding featured, again. Celebration time for the groom and groom. Again! Not one, not two but three online magazines have featured this totally adorable family, Wisconsin couple, Brent & Nick. The couple used wedding planners Keys Planning And Events for their brilliantly colorful ‘Coral Beach’ wedding. Sky Born Visual’s first ever wedding film was shot last year with digital stills motion capture in mind. Why not catch the in betweens a camera might miss? Well it worked. Here is the film. Below are the DSMC stills. What….is….that…?

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured DSMC’s from the film on The Wed Clique

We knew you could take the milliseconds in between a camera’s shutter closing and opening to snatch constant frames, particularly as a film maker. DSMC allows us to really examine the footage for the best light and looks, after the last flash has fired. Then we select those images as precisely as the blinking speed of an eye closing and opening. The result is stunning print and social media our grooms and brides love.

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured on The Wed Clique

Sky Born Visual’s first ever wedding film was shot on the bayside in Key Largo in February 2017. Many aspects of the wedding were captured with five cameras including DJI’s Phantom 4, GoPro Hero’s one on a 3 axis brushless gimbal, the other on a tripod and 360 rotational plate with a rode shotgun microphone, a Zhiyun SPG 3 axis gimbal for iPhone 6s and Zhiyun Crane 3 axis brushless gimbal for the Sony Alpha. Edited professionally in Adobe Premiere Pro, each frame can be selected and re-made as a .jpg or raw file for exceptionally high quality.

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured by The Wed Clique

That’s another reason why our prices are elevated to account for 4K film we capture. You can take fabulous quality stills from that quality film. Why not offer that to the brides and grooms? We had time to strap cameras to to trees and hide them throughout the venue, and the 4K footage they gave us was just brilliant,” says Nada Khalaf-Jones film maker and DSMC professional.

As we mentioned above, this Florida Keys destination beach wedding featured was Sky Born Visual’s first EVER wedding film. Set in one of the Keys’ most popular venues no wonder filming here has become very competitive. The Florida Keys are the number two spot for tying the knot in the United States. With approximately 300 weddings a month at 917 wedding venues in the Florida Keys according to 

Weddings in the Florida Keys stimulate the economy it’s a massive business, vendor diversity in skills is important because competition is very stiff for capturing a brides attention, between not only vendors but venues. We offer ocean, air, earth film and photo, included in that is our social media and marketing distribution.

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured by The Wed Clique

Sky Born Visual submitted this film and the DSMC photographs to Two Bright Lights, the film and photos were featured 2 months after it’s release to the public as a featured headlining Gay Weddings And Marriage Magazine.(GWM)

Reaching hundreds of people through Sky Born Visuals film channel and it’s channel. Pro-photographer, Jannette Dellanos captured the wedding which was featured on the front cover of a print magazine.

Our recent feature was, like the GWM feature, submitted through the online submission platform Two Bright Lights and it’s to them Sky Born Visual owes it’s thanks for connecting these different online and print magazines with the skilled professionals who make the visual magic people just love to see for their engagements, elopements, weddings, parties and more.

Florida Keys Destination Beach Wedding Featured by The Wed Clique

Brent & Nick Coral Beach Wedding

“We weren’t planning on having a videographer, but Nada made this film exactly the way we would have wanted it, she sent us the photo album after the finished film, we love all our amazing Florida Keys wedding vendors,” say Brent & Nick of the wedding film and the digital stills motion captures they received. 

Recently Sky Born Visual sent them an additional copy of their film, with the original music they played at the wedding, copyright and Creative Commons licensing, along with drone pilot licensing are just a few of the details that govern the way film makers can use and create their footage for public consumption. Sky Born Visual operates their drone license under the company Florida Keys Drone Pros and are licensed under Part 107 through the FAA’s sUAS Remote Pilot In Charge license, they are insured by Hiscox and insure every single flight with Verifly’s hourly drone insurance.

Vendor List

Cutting Edge Entertainment

Ceremonies By Kat

Keys Planning And Events 

Key Largo Lighthouse Beach ‘Coral Beach’

Janette Dellanos Photography


Social Media Writing

Social Media Writing Film and Photography in the Florida Keys partners with Florida Keys Drone ProsSocial Media Writing Film and Photography in the Florida KeysSocial Media Writing Film And Photography in the Florida Keys


Social Media Writing Film And Photography in the Florida Keys

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Sustainable visual content production from Florida Keys experts in written, photographic and film as well as underwater existence. Ocean Air Earth Film Photo Writing & Music Our love for life comes through in our work. We are fueled by compassion and fearlessness. Just a Florida Keys House Wife, former scuba professional, free diver, journalist and flight attendant world wide travel translates to uniquely creative film photo writing and music combinations that sell homes, cherish weddings, elevate events, sharpen a business message. We LOVE our work. Humanity. Earth. Manned Mars Missions. Visit our blog updater weekly we are always throwing out new ideas. Sustainable local social media elevation packages to help get your event, business, campaign, wedding or house for sale out there in the relevant way it needs to be to attract the correct clients.