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For the best wedding videographer Florida Keys local production studio Skybornvisual have the perfect set up to deliver modern wedding film. 


Ahead of the curve, always, we believe in the best, so 4 k and now 6k high definition by a mother of four girls in Key Largo, married 22 years ago our lives were lived over half the world, and we are here to gently film you in your beautiful journey in our ocean adventure home.


 Just because we are super tech doesn’t mean we are unimaginative. This team are creative beyond the expected. When you look for wedding videographer Florida Keys, remember we have been here for a decade or three. Of course we will be here if you ever want the same crew to film your anniversary.

Yes. And we use licensed drone to make it perfectly perfect. We even go beneath the waves for those underwater vows and weddings.  You are the stars.

We will happily go anywhere your heart desires. We are based in Key Largo, but happy to journey across the globe to you. We are doing work we love and we are loving, motivated and passionate people and we draw the same energy towards us as we go about our day.


Our base rate is $500 per hour. We includes the film making and delivery and editing in this price. We offer special rates as follows.

Our ‘locals’ only, single location, package price is $1895 for 4 hours  Additional hours are $299 per hour.



  •  6-12 Minutes

  •  6 hours film 40 hours extensive edit, audio, narrated

  •  Preparations

  •  First Looks

  •  Ceremony

  •  Vows

  •  Recessional

  •  First Dances

  •  Reception

  •  Speeches


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  •  3-6 Minutes

  •  4 hours film 24 hours extensive edit, audio, narrated

  •  Preparations

  •  First Looks

  •  Ceremony

  •  Vows

  •  Reception


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  •  1-3 Minutes

  •  2 hours film and 18 hours extensive edit to music, audio

  •  Preparations

  •  First Looks

  •  Ceremony

  •  Vows

  •  Reception


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  •  40 and 60 second

  •  1 hour film and 1 hour extensive edit to music, audio

FEATURED on weddingchicks.com, tacariweddings.com, gayweddingsandmarriage.com, thedailydogtag.com, zola.com.


Real Estate Drone Photography

Why it matters to be 5 Houses Down from the end of the street. Because the water is beautiful and people want to play in it. But right on the corner it’s noisy where boats accelerate and decelerate going in and out of the main channel. 

We always agreed we wouldn’t want to be right on the corner of a busy street with a stop sign on each corner. Likewise for the canals, no one wants to be where the noisy party people are. They are often drinking, energetic, play loud music and rev noisy engines as they speed up or come to idle.

Adam’s Drive is a canal that has its mouth facing the bay, it opens on to a lovely wide horizon. This view can be seen from the dock and the two balconies of this large and solid three level home.


why only a little solitary solar where so much sun shines? 

This home caught out attention  with it’s solar panels on the roof and two large balconies overlook the water. The screen keeps the bugs out, a small balcony swimming pool for the little children and pets is fenced.

With a concrete boat ramp along with a boat lift and the dock surrounded by palm trees this configuration is a very convenient family friendly layout for the Key Largo waterfront lifestyle.

we loved this wide, clear canal that opens on to the biggest view of the bay.


It’s perfect, better to be a 1 minute boat ride or a 4 minute paddle board journey to the expansive horizon of the bay, than right on the busy corner. In my opinion. 


The downstairs garage is a fabulously organized workshop space. Something not offered on any drone shoots this far. We felt like we got really lucky. It’s so exciting to be able to bring the drone inside and run the Florida Keys Drone Pros checklist without bugs and hot sun beating on your head.

Real estate photography offers the best place to practice improving photographic skills. I really prefer the sky above my head. Since you’ll be looking up 99% of the time whilst capturing  aerial visual content, remember to bring bug repellent and sun protection.  Not to mention shade, sunglasses, so your eyes can switch from bright sky to your drone control screen swiftly. Sunglasses (not polarised) on a strap are essential here. you’ll be taking them off and putting them back on frequently. Also, bug repellant is a must, there isn’t anything worse than the ‘no see ums‘ or ‘all jaws’ which start snacking on your eyelids, fingers, ears. 

Don’t forget, if you drone and adjust the camera setting you will be out there longer. I used three batteries instead of one because this time I used manual camera mode. We always want a better raw photo, so expect to spend a little of the battery time fixing f stop, shutter speed and iso camera settings. And when the sun goes in and clouds cover the sky it’s important to adjust camera settings for less light. Agree, there is always the AUTO CAMERA SETTING.

Florida Keys Aerial Photography proving dredging is needed for Islamorada Village of Islands and Adventure Environmental Inc.

Mobile Studio Visual Content

mobile studio visual content

when people depend on you visuals – losing content isn’t an option

Mobile studio visual content is like packing your full kitchen into the back of the car and going camping for a week. And while cooking on a campfire in the wilderness is glorious, it’s also really challenging until you gain experience. As is unplugging the home studio and going mobile.

We’ve learned from a few years of unplug fear and loathing. Finally the mistakes became learning curves. Because creativity is a goal, and the tools are the means to that goal. Of course we didn’t stop trying. Mobile studio visual content done regularly with more checklists leads to better, faster workflows and more efficient content handling practices.

Mobile is the way many creatives do business. We are creatives. We are Florida Keys film, photography, SEO. And our mobile studio is essentially our tool for every scenario. We offload at the home studio in between. But the pauses to charge the batteries can become quite infrequent when season is upon us.

Florida Keys based Sky Born Visual makes creative aerial film and photography. Our skills include well turned written work and seo optimised content for social media and blogs.

Mobile stdio visual content is essential for business and real estate, wedding, sports and events. Of course we rely heavily on a fully stocked mobile studio for visual content production on the go. Here is a collection list.

Mobile Studio Visual Content – Don’t Lose Track

Here is a collection of the tools we use and some of the why. And because we have had many fails we are really strong on the ‘how to avoid that happening again’ as well as the workflows that work best for us from home studio visual content handling to mobile studio visual content.

We go prepared for everything. But when we go for film we always prepare for film. When we go fo photography we always prepare for photography. Then always ensure we have the other ready too. We always shoot film and photo for real estate. Rarely only on.

the list

Mac mini at home

I-pad on the road

Sony Alpha 7 r ii for every shoot

Sony Alpha 9 for sports and every other fast and really low light scenario

SD cards 5 to 7 only the best quality Sony cards (made by Sony – not knock offs) and refresh (strip, format, recycle) every month

Lenses for zoom, depth of field, wide and macro – total 5 lenses at any one time

GoPro 360

GoPro Hero7 Black

Karma Drone

DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus for standard high quality shoots

Inspire 1 Zenmuse X5 (F1.7 Aspherical Lens) for higher end, faster, better quality needs

Phoenix Generator by Renogy – portable charger – choose between solar or regular charging to re-power it

Neewer Lights – Soft boxes

Rode Microphones

Small Rig connectors and camera cages with all the attachments for follow focus and full right set ups

Drone with Privacy

Drone with privacy? When AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY over a condominium is contested and the HOA has to decide.

FAA Part 107 commercial drone pilot

Drone with privacy? When it’s time to contemplate the permissions for professional, licensed and insured drone (also called aerial) flights for the purpose of vacation rentals or real estate sales listings. 

I applaud that caution. And would encourage you to review the following. It’s from Feb 2019 so more current than a lot of what you’ll find out there when seeking guidance on HOA standpoint on drones. Nada Khalaf-Jones, certified FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot since 2016 

In the Florida Keys people in communities governed by HOA’s are similarly alarmed by the same basic issues.

Drone with Privacy ask the Florida Keys Drone Professionals

Florida Keys Drone Pros drone with privacy and it’s a major commitment. We address all of them as professionals we insure every flight and only capture the property in question. Plus the common area. We NEVER include people even if we capture them. They, and their pets, are removed.

Our flights are FAA Part107 licensed and insured. This means we are bound by FAA rules and regulations associated with that licensing. The minutiae can be found here. FAA Part 107 REGULATIONS.

Key Colony Beach Government Center have a list the pilots MUST sign. It has five items on it. 

1) name and address of pilot
2) company name and website
3) FAA license photo/serial number
5) flying schedule latitude longitude & time (or just address) 

Monroe County & Islamorada Village Of Islands

Florida Keys Drone Pros drone with privacy whenever we fly. As an independent contractor for Monroe County and the Islamorada Village of Islands my knowledge of laws and rules is implicit in my work. And, different work demands different permits. 

Waterway Improvement Aerial Film & Drone Photography


Aerial film should not violate privacy


Aerial photography should not violate privacy

#61Bahama Real Estate Photographyhttps://nadakhalafjones.pixieset.com//61bahama/

Florida Keys Drone Pros Drone with Privacy

We are always bound by the law of state or federal agencies. Never more so than when shoot film and photo of condominiums. Unless ordinance is posted with local NAS or state authorities, flights over condominiums from outside property, within visual line of site, and within FAA regulations, is permitted. 

We are committed as professionals to accept payment for commercial requests for aerial shots of condominiums. When people want to sell or rent their property, of course they want the best aerials. The demands of the real estate and tourism industry spurs the growth of marketing and advertising industries. Sky Born Visual and Florida Keys Drone Pros endeavour to always respect privacy.

There are many drones flown without licensing here in the Florida Keys. There are hundreds of un-licensed building contractors building homes here. Since drones are so new in 2019, the rules regarding their use are still being written. Enforcement of those rules is another story entirely. I for one, as a mother of four and the wife of a commercial airline pilot have established my own level of accountability and safety.

But when a hobbyist drone pilot sells or gives away aerial photographs or aerial film it undermines those of us with licenses. We study for hours to understand and pass the Part 107 UAS test and put the safety of the humans using our countries National Air Space above our need to make a successful shot.