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Depth of Field?

Tough crowd! Not! The USAF Thunderbird’s were super on point with cooperative poses. They were ready for the ‘bro’ pose and the straight line up too. This one was taken with the G 18-105mm lens with Sony Flash. No tripod! I was asked last minute. So no time for lighting. Lenses. Tripods. But it gets the point across!

Air Show Photography

Wings Over Homestead Air Show Photography

Wings Over Homestead Air Show Photography

Wings Over Homestead Air Show Photography

Photographing Hero’s

This is a challenge for me. People in military service and firefighters as well as policemen – doctors, nurses. I feel not worthy. Totally.

For me the hardest portraits and photos to take are of those men and women. Thanking them isn’t enough. It seems horrific to charge them. So how do you price your ‘hero’ photography?

Personally – free is a good price – free for my freedom – I’d say they already paid. You?

Ocean Air Earth Film Photo

Perfection On Sunset Drive


I’m not a realtor but I make fantastic film and photo and social media distribution for realtors and I love love love it. It’s my favorite work, play, fun. All in one. Let me know if you want professionally finished photo and film for your real estate listing.


Ocean Air Earth Film Photo

Florida Keys Iconic Photo Features

Florida Keys Iconic Photo for Island Flow Yoga Retreat at Casa Morada Boutique Hotel & Resort

Island Flow Yoga Google business feature

Florida Keys Iconic Photographer @skybornvisual photo for @islandflowyoga & @casamoradahotel

Island Flow Yoga Instagram account feature @islandflowyoga

Florida Keys Iconic Photographer@skybornvisual photo for @islandflowyoga & @casamoradahotel
Florida Keys Iconic Photographer
@skybornvisual for @islandflowyoga and @casamoradahotel


For yoga retreat info follow the link to visit their website for more info about this essential physical, spiritual yoga reconnection.

florida keys iconic photography
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Florida Keys Real Estate Films



To book our film makers and photographers drop a line here. We won’t sign you up to anything.


Our photographic style has been published online and in print in many genres: florida keys iconic lifestyle, real estate, wedding, portrait, family, event and our favorite pet man§tbphotography. Visit these features. We also make film.

Photographic style

We shoot in natural light or studio light. Please do ask about our aerial and ocean photography do come and meet us for a session. It’s our adventure journey too.

Basic session pricing begins at $375 for 2 people with 4 photos delivered. The basic shoot includes a quick print canvas bound book.

Photographic location

We have several secret spots to photograph your idea for engagement, elopement, profile and header shots, portrait and happy family moments with real legendary meaning.

Book it here photography@nada-jones.com text me with your photo inquiry to (305) 209-1758 we will schedule your session



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Ocean Air Earth Film Photo, Photography

photographic style

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360 GoPro Fusion

360 GoPro Fusion

Florida Keys Iconic Photo #floridakeysiconicphoto with the 360 GoPro Fusion from the controversial camera making lifestyle adventure filming company started by a surf bum. One thing I believe is that GoPro’s should be stuck all over SpaceX’s Space vehicles and BFR during it’s moon circumnavigation. Dec 2022. That’s a log time to wait. I LOVEGOPRO it was my first foray into film underwater and wedding and skiing at 38mph and every adventure.

Cracked the Fusion out. And this is my week of testing and learning with the 360 GoPro Fusion.

It’s been hilarious so far. More to come trying to get the 3D on to the 2D is possible but it flattens things. 😜Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro apparently works according to @TerryMartin360