about nada khalaf-jones photography

Lovelyworldadventure.com skybornvisual.com and Nada-Jones.com capture ocean, air earth with words and pictures. We make 4K High Definition video, photo, original written content, music. We deliver. We produce. We create. Nothing compares. We are unique.

Since the 1990’s in the Persian Gulf and Egyptian Red Sea, San Diego then the Florida Keys we’ve made underwater ocean video and photo. Since 1990 we’ve made fantastic freelance journalistic written content. Since 2015 we’ve made social media content and marketed real estate. We went skyborne in 2016 with aerial drone video and photo and www.floridakeysdronepros.com

Coming soon: join us on vimeo-on-demand where your $48 annual membership allows you to watch, pay for and download raw 4K HD underwater, earth based and aerial drone video, photo, music and exceptionally well versed written content. Weekly updates. Or commission your own.

about nada khalaf-jones photography

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Lovelyworldadventure.com and skybornvisual.com have both been underwater since 2012, we dry off in between. We film ocean and reef as well as shipwrecks with a GoPro Hero5 and 360 Fusion in 4K and 6K HD Video & Photo. Since 2015 LWALLC has been 100% real estate, wedding, portrait, business & lightuears ahead of the Journalism to digital and online Visual Media.

about nada khalaf-jones photography

We are based in Key Largo Florida and London. We come from a totally unique perspective. Contact us for the most adventure driven, dynamic promotional movies and angles from the break out life. Cement the right impression. Or wrong. Reach more people with our multi-level social media hooks and consult with us for your marketing campaign. What is it you want to say? Now what are you going to say? Add LWALLC’s unique music and reach higher. We blow the guys out of the water.


Want to promote your business or website. Join us for a quick video from the ocean deep, free diving, scuba or a plane take off, dynamic drone videography, a tour round Zurich, a sunset snorkel, a wild morning skiing. We specialize in capturing the moment, with quality 4K HD Video and Photo. The adventure. The romance. The beauty.

Social media, photo, video and the internet is about sharing new experiential ideas, but mostly the love of humanity, of our planet, of the moment. The family. The children. The ocean through videography and photo. All about the journey. But also the moment.

Nada (Khalaf) Jones is originally from the British Isles, she is a mother of 4, who lives in the Florida Keys, she has a bachelors (BA) Honors Degree in Humanities from the University of Ulster at Jordanstown and became a PADI scuba instructor in 1992. With 26 years of underwater (non verbal communication) and international travel experience. Jones loves to shop for the best modern videography and photography equipment available to provide the smoothest, most professional footage of Florida Keys life, and Florida Keys ocean and underwater adventures. Lovelyworldadventure.com and Nada-Jones.com provide travel footage every year for family consumption. She travels from London to Europe to America.

Since 2009 Jones has co-directed, with her kids and husband and a small but loyal board of directors, a powerfully effective charity for Down Syndrome children. Florida Keys Down Syndrome Educational Trust, fkdset.org organizes Down Syndrome awareness and fund raising events that provide skilled assistance to DS people and families in the Florida Keys.

FKDSET | www.fkdset.org

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