We are published lifestyle, real estate, wedding, portrait, family, event and pet photographers. We also make film.

Although we haven’t been what we are until recently. So now we know why we are what we are and how to do what we do, we want to do more with you.

So if you like our natural light or studio lighting photography do come and meet us for a session. It’s our adventure journey too.

We know how to stop and embrace the moment with you during your journey. Empathy is the clue. And the glue.

Basic session pricing begins at $500 for a 20 photo shoot and includes a quick print canvas bound book. We have several secret spots to photograph your idea for engagement, elopement, profile and header shots, portrait and happy family moments with real legendary meaning.

Book it here photography@nada-jones.com text me with your photo inquiry to (305) 209-1758 we will schedule your session portrait photographyportrait photography

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