St. Augustine has a heartbeat all of it’s own. People fall in love with it’s European 1556 charm. Part of which is we’re so thankful that the brutal life, we are reminded of with every step we take, is longer the way we live.

Nada Khalaf-Jones captures the Sony Alpha 24.1 megapixel moment in still and 4K ultra high definition video.

Some of our St. Augustine favorite things. Besides the hotel lobbies DVD dispenser and Reck It Ralf.

1: that wonderful restaurant Trinity Van Steenberg took us to on Aviles Street “Cellar 6,” 2: the Veuve Clicquot 3: next day the ever so slightly blurry St. Augustine Lighthouse 4: the gruesome Spanish Hospital Tour 5:┬áthe train which blew past the Magnuson Hotel four times a night! 6: the British Pubs (plural) 7: the horse drawn carriages 8: the St. Augustine Fort 9: The kids building a path to reach the train tracks 10: Buck Nakeds parking lot steamed, grilled and baked oysters.


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