Cloud HQ allows you to sync Dropbox with Google Drive: blog +ve and you’ll get a business account free for a year.

CloudHQ my solution for the Google to Dropbox or Dropbox to Google synchronization puzzle….let’ see if it leads to disaster or nirvana?

So we’ve learned a bit in the last few months, since digital technology started to deliver more on it’s promises, and now we all have a smart-phone we can take even larger resolution photos, and even faster too: ‘bursts’ and ‘live’ and all the edits increasing your digital media size, not to mention (well I guess we are) that new smartphone tech competes with the almost vintage tech in the smokin-hot 4K High Definition video offered by the cult phenomenon GoPro Hero 2,3,4. Pair it with the versatility of the iMovie free app it’s brilliant. Difference is the GoPro has no moving parts, someone drove over it and it didn’t break…submerge without the water proof case though and you may need to hurry up with the refrigeration-in-rice solution. Ask the expert here.

Enter the 4K HD iPhone 6S Plus and it’s Sony contemporary, you’re shooting gigabytes per frame here! Be warned, you’ll need the 128gb or more, do they even make a bigger phone, and a sizzling hot data upload plan, unless wifi is available, even then you’ll be whispering in your dreams ‘…..portable cell spot or personal portable hotspot’ like the one I was mewling over in an 02 store in Fleet Street, London, recently.

Either way, if you’re looking for the fastest to set up and largest storage with optimized share versatility for all your data, email and digital management in your smart-tech world, you’re going for gigabytes or even terabytes of cloud storage at speeds that make it useful!

Read: a data storage center someplace, 3 dimensional, concrete, hermetically sealed and climate controlled 24/7 365…now think about that going belly-up…? Starbucks, United Airlines: hand written receipts and tickets….OUCH! It could simply be an a/c leak on the roof, but there goes the data you hold dear….3 dimensional, hard plastic terabytes aren’t too expensive at Office Depot..it’s like the paper, people can’t let go of the tactile ‘object containing my digital storage..backup to the backup.’ It makes sense tho, CloudHQ.net’s stability isn’t something we are discussing here. It’s worth a dig to see where it’s all being stored.

Who is watching over all that data? Did the labor team follow strict sterile environmental rule for servers to consistently keep the data stored safely, one small short cut while the boss’s back was turned? JetBlue server down, it’s a Verizon Data Center….could that have been the TeraMarc facility in Miami? Data centers are like cars, you get what you pay for. Tier 1-4 data center: Tier 1 is least secure, Tier 4 is super-secure. Where is your stuff stored?

CloudHQ.net claims to offer the said fastest-largest-versatile: and is beating out a host of competing services (I chose this one, but google them) that offer greedy data abusing hogs like me a place to consolidate all their data in whichever cloud or all of them, or under one roof. You can collaborate and switch files to any cloud handling service (that they work with), or transfer easily between the growing variety and share with abandon.

They also have a chrome extension which enables Gmail users to share gmail labels and that link is here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gmail-label sharing/pmmaemmobdmccnfepmkckendmealjapo

And a wee little short YouTube video of how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivGlB8OQp3E

CloudHQ.net is my first choice. This is the test, is it snag free? Well it’s transferred 65 (4 days later: edit that, 420 gigabytes since it began,) looks like I might have to do some organizing though! 4 days later: edit that to


As we increasingly all do, I do ‘octopus life’ with many arms and many corporate hats: lovelyworldadventure.com and fkdset.org all need handling and for the much needed Dropbox to Google Drive sync I sync it’s going to keep years of folders from 4 businesses and 4 kids safely in the big G. Hope so. Doing research is ALWAYS a hindsight verb for me. Syncing too much about it can give one a headache. Also, I will mourn the Dropbox drag and drop tool. Really. A Lot. Google stinks w this.

NEW GIRL! When you sign up: the first time round, I got 6GB free and ate it up immediately. And they give you 2GB off the bat, but if you play nice and send it to social media, or invite friends they’ll up it to 4, then 6, and you can buy a month unlimited for $29, plus the other annual programs with multiple users across multiple platforms.

But now, and here is the payoff, it’s all in Google Drive (no, it’s that concrete data center, remember?) and the combined Dropbox account which costs $$$’s for the Business plan, is going to go back to it’s native size. FREE! (But i’ll miss that drag and drop…Google really stinks w this.)

But worrying me: does the 4K HD iPhone 6 plus S interview I made last night look as good after a trip to the Google Drive and back down to Final Cut Pro? Google that! Sickening thought. I have not answered that question. As my brother Yousef insists, there is not point in HD if you aren’t going to be using that kind of pixelation to view it with. So, what does it matter what size the files going to turn out? Well, HD resolution is very fantastic for most of what I do. However even YouTubeRED doesn’t accommodate 4KHD, nor does Vimeo. YET!

Why does everything have the scent of eau de-infinite-up-grade? My novice take is simple: digital media tech has outpaced the storage capacity as well as the widely available, reasonably priced, (talk to Elon Musk about his tech….eh!) viewing technology..the local multiplex movie theater shows in 4096 x 2160 4K resolution, the new Ultra HD consumer format has a slightly lower resolution of 3840 X 2160…so. What’s the point of all that 4KHD smartphone tech? I just LOVE IT. Is all. And, as I said eau de-infinite-potential-to-be-more-awesome-soon!

CloudHQ.net obligingly syncs between dropbox and Google Drive, BUT what about my Shutterfly account? Vintage-stamping myself here. But my original media is all there from before flip-phones became fashionable the FIRST time round. And what about the ever expanding Apple iCloud account I have been dumping into for about a decade now? Pretty sure it didn’t appear on the CloudHQ.net list of ‘sync-able’

Well, if the CloudHQ.net guru’s are true to their promises, and they like this blog enough, “hi guys, i’m up for more free sync-bytes.” Funny how the Gigabyte seems so small now, like pennies, instead of $100 bills. Megabytes, remember them? And Kilobytes….For REEEEAALLL. What are those even.

STOP PRESS: 4 DAYS LATER CHA-CHING, I wrote this awesome blog with such great grammar they promoted my account to a free 1 year Business, and ambassadorial service. WOOOHOOO! No power-ball winner here. Just data-power-ball winner!

For me: lovelyworldadventure.com uses 4KHD GoPro’s to film underwater adventures on the reefs of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, to market homes for www.flkeys-realestate.com and Real Estate but the most intense data burner is the Florida Keys Down Syndrome Educational Trust fkdset.org good news that generates monthly, weekly for the cause and must be handled and stored. My media friend at origindesignmedia.com keeps a stack of terabytes full of her data and content. AND keeps it in the cloud. She doubles up her data storage…where is this all going?

CloudHQ.net is a way to bring it all into Google Drive and have it shared with the people in the gangs I work with, and there may it all rest in peace until needed. Don’t forget they also have a Google Chrome extension that enables Gmail users to share Gmail Labels: oh the potential for spamming…hmmm?

Or hackers! Can’t help it. U were thinking it anyway. If u weren’t you should be. LOL. The kids at Apps.Google.Com Customer Support hate it when you ask that question: exactly how secure….? what about spam, hackers…malware..

I get it! It’s like a student asking me if I think Scuba Diving is safe, after teaching it for 25 years. Valid. But really? I’ll be wrapping this massive-data-move-that-may-or-may-not-have-been-too-good-to-be-true, blog up in a week. See how it looks then. Check back for a snags-and-all update.

IT ROCKS. Didn’t need a week to figure it out. Amen.

Nada Khalaf-Jones
Chief Cook And Bottle Washer



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