Quidditch Sky Dive Match


Standby: Gryffyndor versus Hufflepuff flying broomsticks. Credit coming soon to the Columbian Phone company that made this sky dive Quidditch match happen. In air. On brooms. With a Quaffle and a hoop. Bravo. 


Florida Keys Ocean View Video Adventures

Surface calm.  Speigel Grove Happy Dive

#Spiegel Grove Hidden Beneath


1 of 4: #Indian Key from the bridge.

Florida Keys #open-water #ocean-views are an inspiration. You’d think? We have so many #ocean moments here we get used to the endless azure punctuation in our working day, and #ocean horizons can blur into, yes, I’m going to say it ‘insignificance.’

#Gimbal #G4 Lower Matecumbe beach #ocean-view house

2 of 4: Misc #ocean-view house on Lower Matecumbe, #FloridaKeys

So, because driving and #vlog #video-logging don’t mix if you are the driver, when a group of ladies piles in for a ride down the Overseas Highway south towards Key West from Key Largo, I’m super keen to attend the event, we cross from one island to the next, mile-markers glide by, green, blue, white, coral, beach.

There are 43 Florida Keys islands, and I’m in the back messing with the #iphone6 plus s housed in the #Gimbal #G4 snagging video and stills all the way. What a treat. It’s almost worth forking out for an #uber ride to get the footage at my own leisurely pace.

#Gimbal rocks like nothing else. Except the #ocean-horizon spikes into your brain with its dayglo #blue-sky, screams at you with insane bleached white fluffy clouds.


4 of 4: Center of Key Largo is the #PilotHouse and #KeyLargoFisheries in the Port Largo Marina

#DJIPhantom4 footage soon…drool.


Phantom 4 Broken Out Of Box

Phantom 4 Pre-Preparation

Florida Keys and the world is so immense and awesome. Lucky to have this amazing drone to make videos from the sky! Adventure is right here. The world is so serious. A short journey can silence even the most synical mouth. And…it’s fun, adventure can make your whole month better!


#Adventure Overseas Highway #Happy #Mothersday

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This #MothersDay #May8 #Sea #horizon all the way from Florida City to Key West. Stop along the way in the #FloridaKeys. Family adventure in a strong community. Start with a small step of your own. Do a scary thing. #Boat and #Swim in the #Atlanticocean, #Paddleboard the shallows of the #FloridaBay. Support young healthy minds, adventure into nature daily. Walk to work. Eat fresh food. Get yourself out of the box. And breath. 

Be kind and have courage but do it fiercely. Bring your perspective closer to humanity. Love and compassion are the strongest weapons on earth.

Ready for ocean? This #MothersDay?